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Credit Suisse fined £350m over Mozambique ‘tuna bonds’ loan scandal

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Credit Suisse has been fined nearly £350m by global regulators, pleaded guilty to wire fraud, and agreed to forgive hundreds of millions of dollars worth of debt owed by Mozambique in an attempt to draw a line under t...

Credit Suisse records almost £600m loss on Archegos collapse

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Credit Suisse swung to a 757m Swiss franc loss (£592m) in the first quarter, as the bank reeled from the collapse of US hedge fund Archegos that wiped out what would have otherwise been its best quarterly performances...

Credit Suisse posts ‘unacceptable’ loss after Archegos collapse; markets await ECB decision – business live

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Copertura continua delle ultime notizie economiche e finanziarie

I dirigenti del Credit Suisse partono dopo le perdite di Archegos e Greensill

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Il Credit Suisse ha annullato i bonus dei suoi amministratori, ha tagliato il dividendo e ha annunciato la partenza di due dirigenti senior poiché la banca ha rivelato perdite per 3,4 miliardi di sterline a causa del crollo dell'investimento Archegos fu ...

Credit Suisse scraps bonuses, bosses exit after Archegos, Greensill fallout – business live

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Rolling coverage of the latest economic and financial news as Credit Suisse revealed a £3.4bn hit from the Archegos fallout

Credit Suisse aims at wind-up orders for Gupta’s Liberty arm

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Credit Suisse has begun court action to push a $4bn trading business belonging to the metals magnate Sanjeev Gupta into insolvency, as it tries to recoup losses. Gupta is the founder of Liberty Steel and its holding c...

Credit Suisse winds down $10bn in funds as Greensill bank prepares for insolvency

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Credit Suisse is winding down specialist funds worth $10bn (£7.2bn) that were mostly invested in loans linked to Greensill, the crisis-hit supply chain bank. Greensill, which employs 1,000 staff in London and has the ...