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Suicide still treated as a crime in at least 20 countries, report finds

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Suicide is still considered a crime in 20 countries, punishable by fines of thousands of pounds and up to three years in prison, research has revealed. In many nations children can be prosecuted for attempted suicide ...

Isis affiliate is prime suspect for Kabul airport suicide bomb

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The prime suspect for the suicide bombing at Kabul airport is the Islamic State affiliate in Afghanistan known as Islamic State Khorasan Province, Isis-K or ISKP. Jake Sullivan, President Joe Biden’s national security...

‘I don’t intend to let my son down twice’: the bereaved father trying to end suicide

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Not long before Christmas in 2014, Steve Mallen began to worry about the eldest of his three children. Edward, who had just turned 18, was good at everything. A gifted pianist, a talented sportsman and a nurturing big...

Concern grows in Kenya after alarming rise in suicide cases

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There is growing alarm in Kenya over a shocking rise in the number of suicides in the country. Almost 500 people are reported to have killed themselves in the three months to June this year, more than the whole of 202...

Is The Suicide Squad the beginning of the end for the superhero movie?

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The Suicide Squad begins roughly how you’d expect. En route to the island nation of Corto Maltese, we’re introduced to the members of a revamped Task Force X, a motley crew of super(anti)heroes assembled for a covert ...

Fourth officer who responded to US Capitol attack dies by suicide

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A fourth police officer who defended the US Capitol during the 6 January insurrection by extremist supporters of Donald Trump is now confirmed to have taken his own life. Washington DC’s Metropolitan police department...

The Suicide Squad review – a slick meeting of sick minds

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After one botched attempt to bring The Suicide Squad to the big screen, with the dourly competent David Ayer at the helm, this time DC Comics stumbled upon a more successful formula. The key: a director with a taste f...

The Suicide Squad review – eyeball-blitzing supervillain reboot

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DC’s new Suicide Squad movie announces itself as different from the coolly received first film from 2016 simply by adding “The” to the title, maybe sneakily trying for an unacknowledged rebrand or reboot. James Gunn, ...

Why are Frito-Lays workers working suicide shifts on the job?

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Since 5 July, hundreds of striking workers at a Frito-Lay plant in Topeka, Kansas, have drawn attention to the Dickensian conditions workers have been subjected to in order to produce some of the biggest brand name ch...

Baghdad suicide bombing: dozens killed, scores injured in blast at packed Iraq market

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A suicide bomber has killed at least 35 people and wounded more than 60 in a crowded market in the Sadr City neighbourhood of Baghdad on Monday, the eve of the Eid al-Adha festival, security and hospital sources said....

Françoise Hardy, ‘close to the end’ of her life, argues for assisted suicide

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Françoise Hardy, the French pop songwriter who found fame in the 60s yé-yé movement, has said she feels “close to the end” of her life in a new interview. Hardy, 77, told Femme Actuelle that in 2018 she was diagnosed ...

LGBT+ youths twice as likely to contemplate suicide, survey finds

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Young LGBT+ people are three times more likely to self-harm and twice as likely to contemplate suicide as their non-LGBT+ peers, according to a survey. The research was carried out by Just Like Us, an LGBT+ young peop...

Reaching vulnerable people earlier the focus of national suicide prevention report

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Many people who kill themselves or who experience suicidal thoughts are not reaching out for help, including from the mental health system, the federal assistant minister for suicide prevention, David Coleman, has sai...

Indianapolis shooting: FBI questioned killer last year after ‘suicide by cop’ report

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The former employee who shot and killed eight people at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis was interviewed by FBI agents last year, after his mother called police to say that her son might commit “suicide by cop”, the b...

Pandemic did not raise risk of suicide in rich countries, study suggests

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The number of suicides did not increase in the early months of the Covid pandemic, at least in wealthy countries, researchers have found. Earlier this month the Royal College of Psychiatrists warned the NHS was strugg...

Senate estimates sit as government under pressure to call veteran suicide royal commission – politics live

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Senior officials face questions in environment and communications, finance and public administration. Follow all the latest news and updates, live

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