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High school announcer caught by hot mic blames racist outburst on high blood sugar

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An announcer for a live stream of an Oklahoma girls’ high school basketball game cursed and called one team by a racial epithet as the players knelt during the national anthem, then suggested his diabetes was to blame...

Beware sugar highs: seven healthy ways to get more energy – from stretching to sourdough

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The twin gods of conquering the post-lunch slump are caffeine and sugar. But such pick-me-ups are temporary: while a syrupy latte will help you power through until dinner time, you may well end up lying awake at 3am, ...

The Day Of Six Doughnuts has led me to take drastic action: bye bye, suiker

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Verlede week, I got a box of 12 doughnuts to share between me and the kids (my wife has this amazing condition which means she is indifferent to doughnuts). For breakfast, we each had one doughnut. Toe, throughout the m...

Sugar and salt tax will add £160 a year to grocery bills, industry warns

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Annual grocery bills will rise by £160 a year if the government passes on the cost of its new policies on recycling and advertising of sugary and salty snacks, industry leaders have warned. Poor families will be hit h...

More than half of snacks marketed as healthy are high in fat, salt or sugar

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More than half of seemingly healthy snacks analysed by experts are high in fat, salt and/or sugar, prompting calls for more “honest” labelling. Action on Salt assessed 119 snacks, including dried/roasted pulses and pr...

Food strategy calls for £3bn sugar and salt tax to improve UK’s diet

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Ministers are being urged to levy a £3bn sugar and salt tax as part of a “once-in-a-lifetime opportunity” to break Britain’s addiction to junk food, cut meat consumption by nearly a third and help tackle climate chang...

Lara Lee’s recipes for banana and coconut sugar lumpia and pavlova with caramelised pineapple

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It’s hard not to fall in love with coconut sugar, the granulated, dehydrated and boiled nectar produced from coconut palm flowers. Rich, smoky, caramel and earthy, it’s a defining ingredient of south-east Asian sweets...

Rolling Stones drop ‘insensitive’ Brown Sugar song from US tour setlist

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The Rolling Stones’ decision to drop the song Brown Sugar from the setlist of their US tour has been hailed as a victory, with previous performances of the hit labelled insensitive and a “prime example of entitlement”...