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Coronavirus live nuus: China reports highest cases since January; Russia suffers record deaths

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China reports 57 new cases in highest tally since 30 Januarie; Russia suffers 737 sterftes; WHO says global funding appeal $16.9bn short

Coronavirus live nuus: Biden behind on global vaccine delivery; Thailand suffers second day of record deaths

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US President fails to deliver 80m doses by end of June; Thailand toll comes as Phuket reopens for tourism; Australia vaccine rift grows

Coronavirus live nuus: Thailand suffers record deaths; Kim Jong-un warns of ‘grave incident’ in North Korea

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North Korean leader says there is ‘huge crisis’ in antivirus fight; Thailand confirms 53 deaths in 24 ure; Tokyo may extend coronavirus restrictions into Olympics period

Le Pen’s far-right party suffers blow in French regional elections

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Marine Le Pen’s far-right party has suffered a serious electoral blow when it failed to win a regional election in its stronghold in the south of France. The Rassemblement National (RN) had pinned its last chances on ...

Coronavirus live nuus: Thailand suffers record daily deaths; Tokyo bans alcohol at Olympics

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Thailand confirms 51 fatalities as authorities battle third and deadliest outbreak; Tokyo organising committee decides against allowing alcohol sales after public outcry; New Zealand brings back restrictions in Wellin...

Kamala Harris suffers bumpy baptism over immigration on first foreign trip

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Kamala Harris has returned to the US from her first foreign trip and big test since becoming vice-president – and taking over the hot-potato issue of immigration – battered by criticism over her harsh “Do not come” me...

While China’s borders remain closed, the global economy suffers

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In Maart 2020, I wrote that life was returning to normal in China, but that other countries faced a longer wait. I did not imagine that this longer wait would extend until the summer of 2021. Intussen, China has retu...

Marcus Rashford suffers racial abuse on social media after Europa League loss

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Marcus Rashford was subjected to more racial abuse on his social media accounts after Manchester United’s Europa League final defeat in Gdansk. The England striker said he had received “at least 70 racial slurs” on so...

As Hancock throws a sickie, Zahawi suffers a dose of the hotspots

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You’re worried about the rate of infection in Covid hotspot areas. So what would you do? A) Get in touch with local leaders and health chiefs to agree extra local restrictions. B) Nothing and hope it goes away. Or C) ...

Coronavirus live nuus: India suffers record daily deathss; Tokyo doctors call for Japan Olympics to be cancelled

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India deaths rise by record 4,329 in 24 ure; Tokyo Medical Practitioners Association warns Tokyo hospitals ‘have almost no spare capacity’; strikes destroy Gaza’s only Covid testing site

Gaza suffers deadliest airstrikes yet as Israel targets Hamas leader – video report

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Ten minste 33 Palestinians have been killed and 50 injured in the deadliest airstrikes since the start of fighting between Israel and Hamas six days ago. Israel targeted the home of the Hamas leader Yehya al-Sinwar over...

India suffers worst day of pandemic with record number of cases and deaths

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India has suffered its worst day yet of the pandemic, as both new Covid-19 cases and deaths break previous records and crematoriums in Delhi become so overloaded with bodies that they are being forced to build makeshi...

Oggendpos: offset profits ‘seriously concerning’, India suffers, singing fish

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Goeie more. Today we have more on the ongoing Covid crisis in India and a conservation offset controversy on home shores. Plus news about a singing fish and (not quite) explosive sex toys. An environmental consultan...

Brighton’s Graham Potter suffers facial injury after falling into railing on beach

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Graham Potter joked that his modelling days were already long gone after a tumble on the beach left Brighton’s manager sporting a nasty facial injury. Potter appeared at his press conference before Saturday’s trip to ...

Coronavirus Australia live update: Covid vaccine rollout suffers major setback as under-50s told to avoid AstraZeneca

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Vaccine rollout faces delays as authorities scramble to secure alternatives to AstraZeneca such as Pfizer for under-50s over blood clot fears. Volg opdaterings regstreeks

Australië nuus regstreeks: Covid vaccine rollout suffers major setback as under-50s told to avoid AstraZeneca

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Vaccine rollout faces delays as authorities scramble to secure alternatives to AstraZeneca for under-50s over blood clot fears. Volg opdaterings regstreeks