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Chico, 12, muere tras sufrir graves heridas en el centro de esquí cubierto

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Un niño de 12 años ha muerto tras resultar gravemente herido en un centro de esquí cubierto. Se llamó al servicio de ambulancias de West Midlands y a la policía de Staffordshire para informar de que el niño resultó gravemente herido durante una actividad..

Optimism for Cop26: every bit of heating we prevent reduces suffering

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The most important thing to say is that we can still beat the crisis – but we are against the clock. Emissions are piling up in the atmosphere every day that goes by, so we’re in a race against time to act. This is a ...

Families separated at border under Trump suffering severe trauma – study

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Children and parents forcibly separated at the US-Mexican border under Donald Trump’s policy of “zero tolerance” are showing signs of severe psychological trauma and mental health disorders that have endured even afte...

Ninguna fiesta podría valer la resaca que sufre Boris Johnson

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Como yo, probablemente no puedas CREER que después de la arrogancia viene la némesis. Si tan solo hubiera habido alguna pista de esto en todas esas cosas de la antigua Grecia sobre las que Boris Johnson siempre está hablando. De todas formas. El primer ministro despertó t ...

Invisible and unheard: how female veterans suffering trauma are let down by US healthcare

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For Felicia Merkel, the PTSD trigger is any loud sound – an overhead speaker, a slammed car door – transporting her back to the blistering heat of Afghanistan. For Liz Hensel, it is looking into her daughter’s chestnu...

My wife had long Covid and killed herself. We must help others who are suffering

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My wife, Heidi, took her own life after a 13-month battle with long Covid that started as a mostly asymptomatic coronavirus infection. Long Covid took her from one of the healthiest, most vibrant people I’ve ever know...

Lone survivor of migrant boat: ‘Mentally I was suffering … but I did not lose hope’

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The sole survivor of a capsized boat found near Florida’s coast said at least 15 other migrants tried to cling to the overturned vessel but couldn’t hold on, some desperately tired and hungry when they let go. Juan Es...

Schools suffering budget-driven cuts in staffing and curriculum

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Children’s education is being eroded by financial pressures triggering staff cuts and scaled-back curriculums, with local authority-run secondary schools among the worst hit, according to parliament’s spending watchdo...

Cima 10 books about suffering artists

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During a psychotic episode, the artist picks up his knife and cuts off his ear, the blood spills on to the canvas and blooms into a bunch of beautiful sunflowers. As Plato said, “All of the good poets are not in their...

Easter in Art review – a parade of masterpieces of Christian suffering

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“We need to understand where we’ve been, in order to understand where we’re going,” says art historian Dr Jennifer Sliwka towards the end of this film about classical western art that focuses on the Easter story, y ...

Headaches: are you one of the one in six people suffering today?

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Almost one in six people around the world have a headache on any given day, with about half of those experiencing a migraine, los investigadores han encontrado. Headache disorders can be painful and debilitating and have myriad ...

Lone child refugees suffering neglect in UK hotels, charities say

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Hundreds of unaccompanied children who have arrived in the UK on small boats in the last few months are suffering from hunger and neglect in hotels, charities have said. Charity workers have catalogued a list of conce...

Thousands of shocking reports reveal extent of Australian aged care residents’ suffering due to understaffing

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Más que 6,500 reports of understaffing and unsafe conditions in Australia’s aged care sector, including hundreds of reports of resident injuries, will be handed to the regulator on Wednesday. The reports, from Unite...

Joe Wicks says millions of parents suffering mental health issues after lockdown

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Joe Wicks has said he realised the scale of the UK’s mental health crisis when he was inundated with messages from fans during lockdown, saying he would sometimes spend seven hours a day responding to pleas for help. ...

How the US is failing female veterans suffering illness from toxic burn pits

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Lacy Hollings watched the billowing black smoke rise a hundred feet from her door and sensed a disaster waiting to happen. Fue 2006, and she had been deployed to the Ghazi province in Afghanistan as an interrogator...

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