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Families separated at border under Trump suffering severe trauma – study

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Children and parents forcibly separated at the US-Mexican border under Donald Trump’s policy of “zero tolerance” are showing signs of severe psychological trauma and mental health disorders that have endured even afte...

Optimism for Cop26: every bit of heating we prevent reduces suffering

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The most important thing to say is that we can still beat the crisis – but we are against the clock. Emissions are piling up in the atmosphere every day that goes by, so we’re in a race against time to act. This is a ...

Seuntjie, 12, sterf nadat hy ernstige beserings opgedoen het by die binnenshuise skisentrum

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'N 12-jarige seuntjie is dood nadat hy ernstig beseer is by 'n binnenshuise skisentrum. Die ambulansdiens van West Midlands en die polisie in Staffordshire is ontbied om te berig dat die kind ernstig beseer is tydens 'n aktiwiteit..

Asylum seeker given £100,000 hospital bill after suffering stroke

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Simba Mujakachi, a personal trainer, was just 29 years old in June 2019 when he suffered a catastrophic stroke that left him comatose. When he awoke, he was paralysed on his left side and unable to talk or eat. His st...

Liverpool’s Harvey Elliott ‘overwhelmed by the love’ after suffering injury

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Harvey Elliott has said he has been “totally overwhelmed by the love and support” after badly dislocating his ankle in Liverpool’s 3-0 Premier League win at Leeds. The 18-year-old midfielder sustained the injury in a ...

Ready to Mingle: are we suffering from TV dating show fatigue?

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Right, that’s it, it’s finally happened. The doctor just called and confirmed. I have Reality TV Dating Show Fatigue, a rare disorder that primarily affects TV reviewers and people whose girlfriends watched not one bu...

One in seven children with Covid still suffering three months later – study

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Up to one in seven children who test positive for coronavirus could still have symptoms linked to the disease three months later, according to a study that suggests the prevalence of long Covid in young people is lowe...

Die Guardian-siening oor Afghanistan: unnecessary suffering

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Vroeër die jaar, a bipartisan panel appointed by the US Congress advised against the “precipitous withdrawal” of American troops from Afghanistan. The panel warned of grave consequences if Joe Biden allowed himself ...

American BMX racer Connor Fields out of ICU after suffering brain bleed in crash

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American BMX racer Connor Fields suffered a brain bleed during a horror crash in Friday’s Olympic event but has been moved out of intensive care, his team confirmed on Saturday. Fields went down hard in a first-corner...

It’s not just music festivals suffering

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Arts festivals in towns and cities across Britain are suffering just as much as music festivals (Summer festivals are crying out for help – but the Tories don’t want to hear it, 20 Junie). The one in Wirksworth, Derbys...

Goldsmiths to allow students suffering racial trauma to apply for extensions

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Goldsmiths, Universiteit van Londen, is to allow students to cite cases of racial trauma as having affected their studies, becoming the first UK university to recognise the damaging effects of racism on academic progress...

Benefits claimants suffering under end-of-life DWP rule

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Meer as 100 terminally ill people are each month being rejected for benefits despite having less than six months to live, and many are spending their final weeks fighting in vain for social security support, say cam...

Kevin De Bruyne an injury doubt for Euro 2020 after suffering facial fractures

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Kevin De Bruyne suffered an acute fracture of the nose and an orbital fracture to his left eye socket in Manchester City’s 1-0 Champions League final defeat to Chelsea on Saturday. The Belgian midfielder has left hosp...

Footballers winning their league’s Golden Boot and suffering relegation

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“Giorgos Giakoumakis has finished as the Eredivisie’s top scorer (by some margin) yet his team, VVV-Venlo, have been relegated,” writes Willem Cleven. “Has any Golden Boot winner suffered such an ignominious fate befo...

Klopp: Liverpool suffering because of Manchester United fixtures ‘crime’

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Jürgen Klopp has described Manchester United’s fixture schedule as “a crime” and accused the Premier League of reneging on a promise that teams would not suffer as a consequence of the Old Trafford protests. The Liver...

Stranded whale in Thames to be put down after suffering injuries

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As crowds gathered along the banks of the Thames around Teddington weir to catch a glimpse of the little whale that had lost its way upriver, the mood gradually became tinged with sadness at the realisation that the b...

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