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‘We’ve been sold a dud’: small firms suffer decline in EU exports

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Small businesses have reported a marked drop in exports to the EU as another company bemoaned the post-Brexit “nightmare” of delivery delays and increased costs. The Federation of Small Businesses (FSB), a lobby group...

‘We are living in hell’: Pakistan and India suffer extreme spring heatwaves

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For the past few weeks, Nazeer Ahmed has been living in one of the hottest places on Earth. As a brutal heatwave has swept across India and Pakistan, his home in Turbat, in Pakistan’s Balochistan region, has been suff...

‘We will still suffer’: refugees in PNG say Australia’s exit leaves them stranded

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Australia’s decision to end offshore processing in Papua New Guinea leaves those held within its offshore regime there for eight years in “limbo”, with refugees in Port Moresby saying: “Nothing will change for us.” “T...

‘What’s going on with me?’ Canadian victims of mystery illness suffer alone

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For more than two years, dozens of people in the Canadian province of New Brunswick have suffered from a distressing array of neurological symptoms, prompting speculation that they had fallen victim to an unknown dege...

Amazon profits suffer largest percentage drop in four years

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Amazon’s profits declined by the largest percentage in more than four years as the online giant said it has spent heavily on coping with the pandemic and delivered a downbeat forecast for the holiday season. The news...

As NCAA track and field programs vie to survive, Black students suffer most

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Many universities across the US have cut men’s sports in recent years, including track and field teams. It’s a painful reality for many athletes. But the problem is not just that these athletes lose opportunities to c...

Brexi: food and drink exports to EU suffer ‘disastrous’ decline

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Exports of food and drink to the EU have suffered a “disastrous” decline in the first half of the year because of Brexit trade barriers, with sales of beef and cheese hit hardest. Food and Drink Federation producers ...

Crisis, what crisis? Bosses thrive in lockdown while their workers suffer

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Lockdown means we’re all losing touch with just about everyone. I vaguely remember these things called friends, but frankly “normality” is now such a long time ago that the details are blurry. In this out-of-touch Oly...

Deliveroo riders suffer setback in court battle for right to unionise

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Attempts by some Deliveroo riders to secure legal status as employees has suffered a setback after the court of appeal upheld previous verdicts that found the food delivery couriers were self-employed. The Independent...

Diana Rigg remembered: ‘Ma didn’t suffer fools: she exploded them at 50 paces’

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When Ma found her cancer was malignant, all the theatres went dark. 'Normaalweg, when one gets bad news like this, one becomes the focus of attention, but in a pandemic, no one gives a fuck!” Mum was ill so of course t...

ExxonMobil and Chevron suffer shareholder rebellions over climate

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US oil giants ExxonMobil and Chevron have suffered shareholder rebellions from climate activists and disgruntled institutional investors over their failure to set a strategy for a low-carbon future. Exxon failed to de...

aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende: aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende

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aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende, aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende 3-2 aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende. aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende.

Morocco elections: Islamists suffer losses as liberal parties gain ground

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Morocco’s liberal RNI party has won the most seats in the country’s parliamentary elections, while the co-ruling moderate PJD Islamists suffered a crushing defeat, preliminary results showed. RNI, led by billionaire a...

Most ethnic minority finance workers suffer discrimination, finds UK report

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Two in three UK finance workers from black and minority ethnic backgrounds have suffered discrimination in the workplace, according to an industry survey revealing shortfalls in the City of London’s diversity agenda. ...

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