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Rangers suffer Europa League final shootout defeat to Eintracht Frankfurt

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Rafael Santos Borré stood alone in front of a sea of blue. All that, a long hot night in Seville and an even longer wait stretching back half a century, and it came to this: one shot to clinch Eintracht Frankfurt’s fi...

‘We are living in hell’: Pakistan and India suffer extreme spring heatwaves

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For the past few weeks, Nazeer Ahmed has been living in one of the hottest places on Earth. As a brutal heatwave has swept across India and Pakistan, his home in Turbat, in Pakistan’s Balochistan region, has been suff...

One in five older children in Philippines suffer online sexual abuse, study says

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One in five children aged between 12 en 17 were subjected to grave instances of online sexual abuse while using the internet in the Philippines in 2020, navorsing dui daarop. The study adds to concerns that the pandemic...

Parts of Australia suffer drought and low rainfall as La Niña and climate change create weather extremes

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The wet season is unusually dry in northern Australia while other parts of the country struggle through the effects of drought, as climate change means more extreme heatwaves and floods simultaneously. The Bureau of M...

As NCAA track and field programs vie to survive, Black students suffer most

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Many universities across the US have cut men’s sports in recent years, including track and field teams. It’s a painful reality for many athletes. But the problem is not just that these athletes lose opportunities to c...

aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende: aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende

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aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende, aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende 3-2 aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende. aangesien Noorweë steeds die medaljes oorheers Volgende.

‘What’s going on with me?’ Canadian victims of mystery illness suffer alone

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For more than two years, dozens of people in the Canadian province of New Brunswick have suffered from a distressing array of neurological symptoms, prompting speculation that they had fallen victim to an unknown dege...

Women’s Ashes second T20 washed out as Australia suffer further injury blow

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Australia have another Ashes concern with Tayla Vlaeminick added to their injured list, before their second Twenty20 against England was washed out. Net 4.1 overs were possible at Adelaide Oval on Saturday, before a ...

UK households suffer biggest fall in available cash in eight years

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UK households have suffered the sharpest fall in the amount of cash they have available to spend for almost eight years, amid a worsening cost of living crisis driven by high inflation and rising energy bills. Accordi...

Scotland could suffer Boxing Day blizzards, says Met Office

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Parts of Scotland could see blizzard-like conditions on Boxing Day, forecasters have warned. The Met Office has issued yellow weather warnings for up to 10cm (4in) of snow in some parts of the country, with the most s...

Police suffer minor injuries in London scuffles with anti-vax protesters

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Police officers suffered minor injuries during “scuffles” at an anti-vaccine protest in Parliament Square in Westminster. The officers were injured while attempting to escort a police motorcyclist through the area at ...

Jeugdienste ly 'stealth cut' van meer as £400m, Arbeidseise

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Verlede week se begroting het 'n sluipbesnoeiing ingesluit in befondsing vir jeugdienste ter waarde van meer as £400 miljoen oor die volgende drie jaar, Arbeid het geëis. In sy begrotingsrede verlede Woensdag, Rishi Sunak gesê: “soos ons publiseer vlak...

Amazon profits suffer largest percentage drop in four years

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Amazon’s profits declined by the largest percentage in more than four years as the online giant said it has spent heavily on coping with the pandemic and delivered a downbeat forecast for the holiday season. The news...

Diana Rigg remembered: ‘Ma didn’t suffer fools: she exploded them at 50 paces’

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When Ma found her cancer was malignant, all the theatres went dark. 'Normaalweg, when one gets bad news like this, one becomes the focus of attention, but in a pandemic, no one gives a fuck!” Mum was ill so of course t...

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