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I love Cabaret – but the Weimer Republic musical suddenly feels too immersive

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I must have seen the 1972 film Cabaret 30 times. I’ve watched it with people who didn’t like musicals, a guy who thought Liza Minnelli looked like a duck (who I no longer speak to), children so young that I started of...

Costa book awards scrapped suddenly after 50 years

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The Costa book awards, after running for half a century, have been abruptly scrapped. The coffee shop chain has said the 2021 awards, which were announced in February this year, were the last. In a statement from the ...

Why are monkeypox cases suddenly emerging across the world and could the virus have mutated?

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The sudden emergence of monkeypox in several countries has raised questions about how the virus, which is most common in central and west Africa, has managed to spread. Many health experts have said the monkeypox case...

British drama school closes suddenly after heavy losses

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A British drama school has closed after an unsuccessful restructure left it with heavy losses and no longer financially viable, resulting in almost 300 students having to change school with no warning. Students at the...

Foul-mouthed phantoms, pint-spilling poltergeists: why are ghosts suddenly behaving so badly?

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Name: The cursing ghost. Age: Dates back to 1789. Appearance: Wraith-like, white, abusive. Where do these appearances take place? In the Quantock Hills of Somerset, near a beauty spot called Dead Woman’s Ditch. Who’s...

An animal rights activist was in court on criminal charges. Why was the case suddenly dismissed?

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When animal rights activist Matt Johnson last made national news, he was in disguise. He appeared on Fox Business in December 2020, sporting a buzz cut and button-down (much different to his usual casual attire) and p...

Why is the right suddenly interested in Native American adoption law?

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George Armstrong Custer of the Seventh Cavalry was infamous during the nineteenth-century Indian wars for riding into the enemy camp, holding Native women, children and elders hostage at gunpoint, and forcing the surr...

Brit Bennett: ‘Trump colonised our brains for years. Suddenly he’s just gone? It feels surreal’

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There was a rule to which Brit Bennett adhered during the writing of her novel The Vanishing Half. It is a sprawling blockbuster that opens in a small town in Louisiana in 1954 and unspools almost to the present day. ...