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Sudanese refugee made 72 calls seeking help before Glasgow hotel stabbings

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An asylum seeker who stabbed six people before being shot dead by police had made more than 70 calls seeking help from the Home Office and its contractors, è emerso. Badreddin Abadlla Adam was shot after he att...

Sudanese woman who killed rapist spouse ‘let down’ by lack of support

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Noura Hussein, the Sudanese woman whose conviction for killing her rapist husband four years ago caused an international outcry, said she is “disappointed” that promises of support have not materialised. Speaking to t...

Sudanese forces shoot dead at least 14 protesters against coup

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Sudanese security forces have shot dead at least 14 anti-coup protesters and wounded dozens more, in the bloodiest day since the military seized power on 25 ottobre. The fatalities in Khartoum on Wednesday raised to 3...

I banchieri sudanesi organizzano uno sciopero “rivoluzionario” dopo il golpe militare

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Il Sudan è stato colpito da una grave carenza di contanti poiché la maggior parte delle banche e dei bancomat rimangono chiusi una settimana dopo che un colpo di stato militare ha provocato uno sciopero nazionale dei banchieri. Di 90% dei banchieri partecipava a una disob...

Violent abductions target Sudanese civilians in aftermath of coup

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In the days since Sudan’s military coup, it has become a familiar scene in Khartoum and other cities. At a home or an office, a convoy of vehicles crowded with armed men usually in plainclothes from army intelligence ...

Pro-military protesters turn out for second day in Sudanese capital

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Hundreds of pro-military Sudanese protesters have rallied for a second day in Khartoum, in an escalation of what the prime minister, Abdalla Hamdok, called the “worst and most dangerous crisis” of the country’s precar...