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Sudan security forces clash with protesters against military coup

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Security forces in Sudan have mounted a fierce crackdown in recent days to crush remaining unrest, six months after a coup that brought a military regime to power in the unstable strategic country. Police fired tearga...

‘I thought the UK was a good country’: Sudan massacre refugee faces removal to Rwanda

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It took Mohammed more than three years and a journey of more than 5,000 miles to reach the UK after fleeing a massacre in his village in Sudan. Nou, just over a week after arriving by kayak across the Channel, he is a...

Sudan militia leader denies war crimes at landmark ICC Darfur trial

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A former militia leader in Sudan has denied committing war crimes and crimes against humanity as his landmark hearing opened at the international criminal court. Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman is accused of leading th...

Darfur war crimes trial opens as army cracks down in Sudan

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It is nearly 5,000 miles from the scrub and deserts of south-west Sudan to the urbane, calm capital of the Netherlands, and a journey that Ali Muhammad Ali Abd-al-Rahman never thought he would make. Eighteen years ago...

Looting and attacks on aid workers rise as hunger adds to unrest in South Sudan

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Looting of emergency food supplies and attacks on aid workers are rising in South Sudan, where hunger is causing unrest. A security vacuum is fuelling the violence as communities take up arms to fend for themselves am...

Egypt 1-0 Soedan: Afrikabeker – regstreeks!

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Sudan police fire teargas as anti-coup protesters stage mass rally

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Tens of thousands of Sudanese protesters have rallied to mark three years since the start of mass demonstrations that led to the ousting of the dictator Omar al-Bashir, as fears mount for the country’s democratic tran...

Soedan pro-demokrasie aktiviste vra vir eskalasie ná dodelike onderdrukking

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Pro-demokrasie-betogers en Soedan se weermag blyk gereed te wees vir 'n siklus van eskalasie aan beide kante ná 'n dag waarin ten minste 15 betogers is deur veiligheidsmagte doodgemaak. Ten spyte van 'n hardhandige onderdrukking deur die ...

Sudan pro-democracy groups strike in protest at military coup

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Sudanese pro-democracy groups have launched two days of civil disobedience and strikes in protest at last month’s military coup, though participation appeared to be limited by continuing interruptions to internet and ...

Two killed as bullets and teargas used against Sudan protesters – video

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At least two protesters were killed as hundreds of thousands marched against the military coup in Sudan. The fatalities were reported by Sudan’s Doctors Committee after the security forces fired bullets and teargas o...

Soedan slag: VSA veroordeel militêre oorname namate betogings tot op die tweede dag woed

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Die Verenigde State het die leiers van Soedan se militêre staatsgreep "sterk" veroordeel, aangesien die Verenigde Nasies 'n noodvergadering oor die krisis beplan het en betogings 'n tweede dag betree het. Na botsings tussen pro-demokrasie bl..

Protesters take to the streets demanding full civilian rule in Sudan

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Hundreds of thousands of pro-democracy demonstrators have taken to the streets of the Sudanese capital Khartoum and other major cities demanding full civilian rule, just days after a sit-in was launched calling for a ...