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Women who ask for pay rise less successful than men, UK poll reveals

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One in five women who ask for a pay rise are successful in receiving one compared with just under a third of men, polling has found. A YouGov survey of more than 16,000 adults found that of the 40% of people who asked...

I’m a successful man but trauma has left me gripped by anxiety

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The question I am 32-year-old man with a successful career and a loving girlfriend. I’ve suffered my fair share of trauma in my childhood and adult life and have some health issues. The problem I have right now is tha...

Revelado: how bookies clamp down on successful gamblers and exploit the rest

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On any given Saturday, Rory would spend several hours glued to a screen flickering with hundreds of football and horse racing bets placed by customers of the Irish bookmaker Paddy Power. One of multiple insiders from ...

‘More than wonderful’ … Gaza bookshop to reopen after unexpectedly successful global campaign

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Tens of thousands of donated books have started to arrive at the new location of a Gaza bookshop that was destroyed by Israeli air strikes last year, and owner Samir Mansour now plans to reopen its doors next month. T ...

New Zealand’s successful Covid policies hid inequality – the government can’t ignore it this year

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marzo 2020 seems like an age ago. And also like it was yesterday. The month begun more or less like any other March in New Zealand. The weather was typically warm and dry, most people were back in the office or on sit...

Boris Johnson dice que está "muy preocupado" por el riesgo de que la Cop26 no tenga éxito

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Últimas actualizaciones: el primer ministro está sosteniendo Q&A con niños antes de la crucial conferencia climática

La exitosa flotación de la firma de pagos Wise es un alivio después del fracaso de Deliveroo

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Parpadea y te lo perdiste. La mayor salida a bolsa de tecnología del Reino Unido ocurrió el miércoles con aproximadamente una centésima parte de la publicidad previa generada por el Deliveroo sobrevalorado y poco cocido.. Sabio, anteriormente Transferwise, es una tarifa baja ...

Five steps to setting up a successful business – starting with your bank account

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Amid a turbulent year and a half for UK small business owners, there has been a surge in first-time entrepreneurs – the number of new businesses registered at Companies House in the third quarter of 2020 increased by ...

Flying car makes successful test run between airports in Slovakia – video

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A flying car is seen completing its first intercity flight in Slovakia. The prototype, called AirCar, takes off from Nitra airport and lands in Bratislava 35 minutes later. Using wings that fold away in less than thre...

Scott Morrison was so keen to own a successful vaccine rollout he forgot the downside risk of overseeing a debacle

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It’s not entirely clear how encouraging words cleared the gritted teeth of the New South Wales health minister, Brad Hazzard, esta semana, but he managed it. The precursor to Hazzard gritting his teeth was Scott Morriso...

A successful Cop26 is essential for Britain and the world. Here’s how it can happen

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In November Boris Johnson will host the most important global meeting ever to take place on UK soil. The outcomes of this UN summit on climate change, known as Cop26, will help shape the fates of billions of people fo...

Joe Biden and Chuck Schumer: a key relationship to a successful presidency

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The Democratic party mainstays who have spent decades in the Senate have an important dynamic as they wrangle a sometimes unruly CongressIn the final hours ahead of the vote on Joe Biden’s Covid relief bill, Senator J...