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Take a bow: Kate Moss outfit sends subversive message at Depp libel trial

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This week’s most anticipated fashion moment was not Brooklyn Beckham’s wedding finally appearing in Vogue, nor the latest red carpet “lewk” at the Cannes film festival. No, fashion observers were waiting for something...

The Power of the Dog by Thomas Savage audiobook review – quietly subversive

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A powerful and quietly subversive study of masculinity set in rural Montana, Thomas Savage’s 1967 novel is enjoying a moment in the spotlight thanks to Jane Campion’s film adaptation, which has been nominated for 12 O...

Gritt review – intriguing, subversive drama about the perils of creativity

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Before it dissolves out into a watery sort of nothingness, this feature debut from Norwegian director Itonje Søimer Guttormsen is an intriguing and subversive docu-type drama about the nature of creativity and how mod...

Sterling Karat Gold by Isabel Waidner review – subversive satire

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“I’m Sterling. Lost my father to Aids, my mother to alcoholism. Lost my country to conservatism, my language to PTSD. Got this England, anche se. Got this body, this Sterling heart.” So begins Isabel Waidner’s Goldsmith...

I cartelloni pubblicitari "sovversivi" del comico che attaccano la politica climatica australiana appariranno a Times Square a New York

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Il cartellone più grande di Times Square verrà visualizzato questa settimana per 10 minuti messaggi satirici “sovversivi” che criticano l'Australia per la sua inazione sulla crisi climatica. The campaign is the brainchild of the Australian com...

Sci-fi script and a cage-shaped mosque: Islamic art gets subversive

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Words have had outsize importance in Muslim culture since the beginning. The Qur’an, which literally means “recitation”, was of course revered as the word of God. Ma, crucially, images of human beings and animals wer...

Born in Flames review – subversive spirit of 80s agitprop lives on

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Here is the 1983 zero-budget underground movie from radical feminist director Lizzie Borden (who was born Linda Borden and took the name of the famous “40 whacks” woman) now on rerelease after a recent restoration. On...

‘A David and Goliath battle’: how Superstore became TV’s most subversive workplace comedy

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Avviso spoiler: this article contains spoilers for all six seasons of Superstore. The workplace sitcom is more popular than ever. During the coronavirus lockdowns of 2020, US audiences streamed 57 billion minutes of th...