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US national security adviser refuses to back Australia’s handling of Aukus submarines deal

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A top adviser to Joe Biden has refused to say whether the US is comfortable with the way the Australian government handled talks with France ahead of the unveiling of the new Aukus submarines deal. Jake Sullivan, il ...

‘Throwing toothpicks at the mountain’: Paul Keating says Aukus submarines plan will have no impact on China

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The former Australian prime minister Paul Keating has denounced the US- and UK-backed plan for nuclear-powered submarines as “like throwing a handful of toothpicks at the mountain”, declaring Australia should avoid be...

IAEA chief: Aukus could set precedent for pursuit of nuclear submarines

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The head of the UN’s nuclear watchdog has said other states could follow Australia’s example and seek to build nuclear-powered submarines, raising serious proliferation and legal concerns. Rafael Grossi, the director ...

What are nuclear-powered submarines, comunque? A guide to Australia’s looming military addition

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Il primo ministro, Scott Morrison, announced on Thursday morning that Australia would be ripping up its multi-billion dollar contract with the French shipbuilder Naval Group and sign a new deal with the US and UK to ...