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The Art Barn review – from agricultural shed to sublime studio

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Sometimes architecture gets called “sculptural”. It’s a loose adjective, often translating as “big, lumpy and/or oddly shaped”. It ignores the ways in which, apart from being three-dimensional and quite heavy, buildin...

My Name Is Gulpilil review – sublime, humane, elegant traversal of Indigenous actor’s life in film

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People in the entertainment industry sometimes speak about performers having the “it” factor – a difficult to define quality not necessarily apparent in real life, but ushered into shimmering existence on stage or scr...

Little Canaletto’s sublime city in the sky – Bellotto: The Königstein Views Reunited review

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We like to identify great upheavals in the arts with new centuries. So Romanticism began on 1 gennaio 1800? Bene, Turner and Beethoven were well into their stride by then. And modernism came along on the same date in ...

Angkar review – sublime documentary contends with legacy of Khmer Rouge

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The collective trauma inflicted by the Khmer Rouge regime is so momentous that it seems to exceed whatever medium that tries to retell its stories. At the centre of the horrors is an incomprehensible level of evil tha...

KL Rahul’s sublime century puts India in early control against England

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When England left Trent Bridge last Sunday they could at least draw comfort from the great unknown of a washed-out final day. A heavy dose of reality followed at Lord’s, tuttavia, with India dominating the opening exch...

Mohamed Salah’s sublime strike seals Liverpool win over Norwich

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Norwich will not welcome the shadow of history conjured up by this resounding defeat; Liverpool, anche se, will greet it as a long-lost ally. Two seasons ago Jürgen Klopp’s side beat the same opponents 4-1 at Anfield on...

Helen Frankenthaler: Radical Beauty review – the most sublime show of the year?

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The show of the season, if not the year, is a sequence of 36 visions of such overwhelming beauty at the Dulwich Picture Gallery that the urge is to remain there all day. It is like being surrounded by some ever-changi...