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Night Teeth review – stylish Netflix vampire horror needs more bite

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There’s a frustrating dissonance to the pre-Halloween Netflix horror Night Teeth, slick packaging belying rotten innards. While the director, Adam Randall, finds inventive ways to break out of the drab Netflix visual ...

Kate review – stylish Netflix assassin thriller just about does the job

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There’s nothing particularly inventive about the Netflix action thriller Kate – from the director of The Huntsman: Winter’s War, Cedric Nicolas-Troyan – the streamer’s umpteenth bullets over brains offering this year,...

Yakuza Princess review – stylish gangster tale makes its kills count

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Jonathan Rhys Meyers has turned up in some rum old places of late. He gave one of his best performances as a Gestapo officer in the Norwegian drama The 12th Man, largely overlooked in early 2019. Now the roaming Irish...

The Night House review – stylish scares with Rebecca Hall

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“My husband shot himself in the head last Thursday,” explains high-school teacher Beth (Rebecca Hall). It’s why she’s on edge, unable to sleep through the night in the lake house he built for her in upstate New York. ...

Stylish athletes to make Tokyo the most fashionable Olympics yet

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Euro 2020 and Wimbledon may be over but 2021’s summer of sport and style continues. Next up is the Olympics, which begins on 23 July and promises to be more glamorous and fashionable than ever before. Thanks to a comb...

Ip Man: Kung Fu Master review – stylish martial arts potboiler

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For those not up to date with the martial arts film canon, Ip Man was a real historical figure: a master of Wing Chun, a type of southern Chinese kung fu, who until relatively recently was best known for having traine...

Key trends and colours: how to give your home a stylish spring makeover

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From bright cushions that lift the spirits to statement furniture that’ll transform a room, these 2021 home decor updates won’t break the bankWhether it’s spring’s arrival putting us all in the mood to refresh and rev...

Paul Pogba’s stylish strike sinks Milan and sends Manchester United through

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Manchester United squeezed into the quarter-finals the hard way: coming to Milan and earning the victory required. Deur dit te doen, Ole Gunnar Solskjær’s men won their biggest game of the campaign, keeping alive the hope ...