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Marcus Rashford to be included in GCSE media studies course

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Marcus Rashford’s much-lauded use of social media to pursue his campaign against child food poverty and persuade the UK government to expand free school meals is to be studied by pupils as part of their GCSE media stu...

Upside down rhinos and nose-clearing orgasm studies win Ig Nobel prize

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Groundbreaking studies into how well beards soften punches to the face, the benefits of transporting rhinoceroses upside down, and orgasms as a nasal decongestant were honoured on Thursday night with one of the most c...

NHS staff have lost thousands in real pay since 2011, studies find

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NHS staff in England have suffered real-terms falls in their pay of up to £2,949 over the last decade, new research by a leading health thinktank shows. After adjusting for inflation, nurses’ and health visitors’ pay ...

Ban imposed on overseas sale of John Gould’s landmark ornithological studies

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The UK government has put a temporary ban on a collection of “exquisite” works by the celebrated 19th-century ornithologist John Gould from leaving the country, in an attempt to save them for the nation. Gould is bes...

Corporate studies asserting herbicide safety show many flaws, new analysis finds

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A new analysis of more than 50 previously secret, corporate-backed scientific studies is raising troubling questions about a history of regulatory reliance on such research in assessing the safety of the widely used w...

Everton’s Nicoline Sørensen: ‘Everyone says my studies sound exciting’

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Nicoline Sørensen is on a twin mission. The Denmark forward wants to propel Everton into Europe while also taking every opportunity to help make science a more accessible, and fashionable, career choice for young wome...

Inside review – trio of anxious lockdown studies

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Available onlineDeborah Bruce’s grief-stricken monologue Guidesky and I is the pick of the Orange Tree theatre’s introspective bunchInside comprises three short studies of what it means to be locked down and lonely fr...