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Students’ solar-powered camper van turns heads on 1,800-mile road trip

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A team of students from the Netherlands are due to complete an 1,800-mile (3,000km) road trip across western Europe in a solar-powered camper van that they designed and built themselves. The Stella Vita is designed fo...

Applications to US nursing schools rise as students want to ‘join the frontline’

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Nurses around the US are getting burned out by the Covid-19 crisis and quitting, yet applications to nursing schools are rising, driven by what educators say are young people who see the global emergency as an opportu...

California becomes first state to require Covid vaccines for all students

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California has announced the nation’s first Covid-19 vaccination mandate for schoolchildren, a plan that will have all elementary through high school students get the shots once the vaccine gains final approval from t...

What dishes should students know how to cook?

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What recipes are useful to know before going to university? Ian, Stamford, Lincolnshire Comfort food exists for a reason, so first get those family favourites written down and practised. “If you’re feeling homesick, t ...

Chicago public school students return amid bus shortages and safety concerns

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Across the United States, schools are attempting to transition millions of students back to in-person classrooms after more than a year of virtual schooling during the Covid-19 pandemic. But the gigantic shift is stil...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: El mandato de vacuna de Biden para 100 millones de trabajadores; Los Ángeles requiere que los estudiantes se vacunen

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Todas las empresas estadounidenses con más de 100 empleados para asegurarse de que los trabajadores sean vacunados o examinados semanalmente; LA ordena vacunas para 630,000 estudiantes 12 y mas viejo

International students in UK generate huge economic gains – study

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One year’s intake of international students at British universities generates economic activity worth £390 for each person in the UK each year, rising to more than £700 for every inhabitant of London, according to a s...

A-level students: have you lost out on a university place?

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We’d like to hear from pupils who have been unable to secure a university place they’d been hoping for this year, after teacher assessed grades saw 70% of independently educated pupils get As or A*s, versus 39% at sta...

US school students return amid threat of Delta disruption – live

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NSW lower primary and year 11 students may be prioritised under return to school plan

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School students from kindergarten to year 2 as well as year 11 are expected to be prioritised under the New South Wales government’s roadmap to return some children to classrooms in term four, but progress could depen...

Four Hong Kong students arrested for ‘advocating terrorism’

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Four student leaders from Hong Kong’s top university have been arrested for “advocating terrorism”, la policía dijo. Arrests were made in response to a controversial student union statement after a man attacked a police o...

What is high school like around the world? A new film lets students investigate

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Sadie, a 16-year-old high school junior in Harpswell, Maine, felt off-kilter in her American high school – too much memorization, not enough relevance to hands-on work in prospective careers. “I know it doesn’t have t...

Boris Johnson intervenes over visas for Afghan students

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Boris Johnson has promised that the government will try to help 35 Afghan students get visas to travel to the UK, after they were blocked by the Foreign Office from taking up prestigious British scholarships this year...

Covid cluster at Sydney school for autistic students grows to 18 casos

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A Sydney school for children and young adults on the autism spectrum is now linked to 18 cases of Covid, including seven students who have caught the virus. Giant Steps, in Gladesville, provides education to autistic ...

"No tuviste mucho apoyo": Los estudiantes de nivel A comparten sus experiencias

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Las escuelas de todo el Reino Unido celebran los resultados de los exámenes sin precedentes, después de casi 45% de las entradas de nivel A obtuvieron las mejores calificaciones. Cinco estudiantes de nivel A le cuentan a The Guardian sobre los desafíos de estudiar en un año diferente..

‘We’ve had to adapt’: A-level students react to record-breaking results

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After a very peculiar 18 months it is perhaps no surprise that A-level results day in England and Wales did not follow the usual hysteric script. At Greenhead college in Huddersfield, one of the largest and most succe...

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