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I missed four lockdowns. Now I’m living in Sydney with a fridge stuck in my bedroom

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To bastardise Cold Chisel, the last plane into Sydney’s almost gone. There’s around a dozen of us on this Virgin flight, entering a city – as they say on the news “that’s on a knife’s edge”. Covid numbers are up but ...

My microwave door got stuck with food inside – and then it started to develop a malevolent vibe

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When I moved into my current house, I inherited a heap of furniture from family friends who were downsizing. I tell people proudly that nothing in my house is new, and frame what was a convenient arrangement for both ...

I’m a bisexual woman stuck in a heterosexual relationship

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I’m a bisexual woman who has been in a relationship with a man for almost nine years. For many years, I downplayed my bisexuality because of the response I received when I was upfront in previous relationships. I also...

Ever Given stuck again as Suez Canal Authority pursues salvage costs

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Two weeks after it was freed from the Suez Canal, the giant container ship Ever Given is once again stuck. This time however, the 220,000-ton megaship is not caught in the sand, but snared in a legal row between Egypt...

Suez ship partially refloated but bow remains stuck – video

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A vast container ship blocking the Suez canal in Egypt for almost a week has been partially refloated, but the vessel’s bulbous bow – or front end – is still stuck at the canal’s edge.Dredgers, excavators and tugboats...

Suez canal: Syria ‘rationsfuel as efforts to free stuck ship fail

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Syrian authorities say they have begun rationing fuel as the blockage of the Suez canal stretched into a sixth day, delaying vital shipments and worsening the country’s oil shortages. Syria has been mired in civil war...

Suez canal blocked: attempts continue to free stuck megaship Ever Given – video

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Efforts to free the giant container ship are continuing after the 400m-long vessel became stuck in the Suez canal. Local authorities attempted to dislodge the 220,000 ton vessel from the banks of the canal using tug b...

UK green recovery: ‘government stuck in pastwarns Labour

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Public investment is desperately needed to kickstart a green economic recovery in the UK, but the government is stuck in the past and reluctant to make the interventions needed, Labour has warned. Ed Miliband, shadow ...