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Beth Mead’s quick hat-trick for England sinks stubborn Northern Ireland

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The post-match lap of honour was lengthy, the smiles were broad. Thanks to Beth Mead the second-half super sub, England’s perfect qualifying record for the 2023 World Cup endures. Until Mead arrived, taking mere secon...

Louis van Gaal may be rude and stubborn but his vision should be celebrated

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The 70-year-old walks over to the 24-year-old and peers at what he is watching. His hands flick out in a shrug of incomprehension. “Are these cars racing now?” he asks, bewildered. “Do you really enjoy watching this? ...

Discrimination based on your name alone is a stubborn reality in Britain today

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Cosa c'è in un nome? A great deal it would seem, including perhaps a diminished chance of being shortlisted for a job, offered a university place, or a rental property if you have an ethnic or racial minority background....