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District line blues: a journey through London’s struggling economy

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The morning rush hour used to be the busiest time of day for Jayant Amin’s newsagent in the heart of the City of London, before Covid-19. Having watched five neighbouring shops close in the building he occupies opposi...

Personas discapacitadas que luchan por contratar cuidadores después del Brexit

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Las personas con discapacidad tienen dificultades para contratar cuidadores que les ayuden con las tareas diarias vitales debido a los bajos salarios y al Brexit, se le ha dicho al observador, con ministros que se niegan a aliviar las restricciones de inmigración para abordar la crisis. Accor ...

Struggling renters find help where they can as US evictions moratorium ends

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Chandra Dobbs was stunned when the police officer showed up on her doorstep with a fat packet of eviction papers. She thought she had more time. “I didn’t think I was going to be evicted because I applied for rental a...

Struggling neighbours offer Spurs a grim warning of their own mediocre future

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The phantom slowly, gravely, silently approached Spurs. It was shrouded in a deep black garment, which concealed its head, its face, its form, and left nothing visible save one outstretched hand. It pointed to the sou...

Escuelas en Inglaterra que luchan por permanecer abiertas en medio de crecientes casos de Covid

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Las escuelas en Inglaterra están luchando por permanecer abiertas frente al aumento de las tasas de infección por Covid entre los alumnos, y muchos utilizan medidas preventivas abandonadas por el gobierno en un intento de mantener a sus alumnos en clase..

Salud mental en el trabajo: la tecnología que ayuda a las empresas a ayudar al personal con dificultades

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Como consultor de gestión con sede en Londres que ha luchado contra la ansiedad y el insomnio., Marion temía la perspectiva de trabajar desde casa cuando el año pasado se anunció el primer bloqueo de Covid-19 en el Reino Unido.. “Si las cosas se ponen mal ....

Salt-tolerant crops ‘revolutionise’ life for struggling Bangladeshi farmers

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Like millions of people across Bangladesh, Anita Bala, 45, relies on a small plot of land to feed her family. But for years nothing would grow. Her husband farmed shrimp in the salty ponds on their land, but the surro...

‘I don’t have a choice’: Hurricane Ida leaves devastated Louisiana communities struggling with new reality

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As they sifted through the wreckage of their childhood home in Mount Airy, members of the Robinson family were hunting for memories. They came in the form of a dozen family photo albums, somehow preserved amid the rub...

The Guardian view on Germany’s election: struggling to move on from Merkel

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En septiembre 1998, when a relatively youthful Gerhard Schröder defeated Helmut Kohl and ended his 16-year reign as German chancellor, the victorious leader of the Social Democrats (SPD) told supporters that the countr...

Struggling for work and food, Indonesia’s poorest suffer as Covid crisis deepens

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Usually every Eid al-Adha, Riki Priyanto’s father would bring home goat or beef from the nearby mosque. The meat had been donated by devotees and distributed to the poor, like Riki’s family, to celebrate the Islamic d...

UK pubs and restaurants struggling to find staff before ‘pingdemic’ crisis

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Hospitality firms such as pubs and restaurants were already struggling to find enough staff before they were hit by “pingdemic” absences caused by employees being told to isolate by NHS test and trace, according to of...

UK employers may be struggling to fill jobs, but this isn’t a new era of worker power

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Commentators have decided that the labour market is booming, reporting that firms are finding it hard to hire people. Some have predicted the dawn of a new era of worker power that will push up wages, while others wor...

Help struggling tenants weather end of Covid eviction ban, urges poverty charity

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The UK government is being urged to commit more cash to support struggling renters as the end of a Covid ban on evictions puts nearly half a million tenants at risk of losing their homes. The Joseph Rowntree Foundat...

Give struggling pupils four years to retake GCSEs, says catch-up tsar

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Pupils who struggle to achieve a pass at GCSE maths and English and are then forced to resit when they fail should be given four years to complete their course rather than the standard two to give them a better chance...

Locked out of school: Pakistan’s digital divide has students struggling

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Iqbal Khan works as a chauffeur in Lahore. His children are in his home village in a rural area north of Peshawar. Both of these very different areas of Pakistan have the same problem for many of their young people: norte...

Arsenal’s squad needs changing, admits struggling Mikel Arteta

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Mikel Arteta expects to be backed heavily by the Kroenke family in his efforts to reverse Arsenal’s slide and accepts significant changes to a floundering squad will be required over the summer. Arsenal host West Brom...

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