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Biden warns ‘meteor headed to crash’ into US economy amid debt struggle

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Joe Biden has condemned “reckless” Republicans for pushing the US government towards a historic debt default, warning: “A meteor is headed to crash into our economy.” The president’s intervention came because there i...

Moeen Ali on retiring from Test cricket: ‘I found it a struggle to get into the zone’

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Moeen Ali walks off the Test stage having achieved more than he ever dreamed of growing up and hopes his eight-year career in the longest format has paved the way for cricketers from a similar background to follow in ...

Tuesday briefing: Britain’s winter power struggle

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Oggend almal. I’m Martin Farrer and these are the top stories today. Britain faces a winter of discontent thanks to rising household costs, Geen 10 is gewaarsku, as firms said the energy price shock could trigge...

Deep impact: the underwater photographers bringing the ocean’s silent struggle to life

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In Julie, off the Turkish port city of Bodrum, Kerim Sabuncuoğlu stepped from the edge of a boat into the azure Aegean Sea and began to descend. A scuba diver with more than 30 years’ experience, he took up underwater ...

Premier League flexes financial muscle but Spain and Italy struggle

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After a summer that saw them broker the deal that made Jack Grealish the first British player sold for £100m, even for ICM Stellar Sports, the final hours of the transfer window on Tuesday were especially busy. Daniel ...

Ministers struggle to find people to interview Paul Dacre for Ofcom job

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Downing Street’s second attempt to appoint Paul Dacre as chair of the media regulator Ofcom has hit another snag, with ministers struggling to find people willing to interview the former Daily Mail editor for the job....

Coronavirus live nuus: Moderna withholds 1.6m vaccines in Japan over contamination concerns, Sydney hospitals struggle to cope

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Pharamaceutical giant Moderna says it’s withholding 1.63m vaccine doses over fears of contamination with particulate matter while Sydney’s health system struggles as the city reports record case numbers

Sabaya review – extraordinary documentary shows struggle to free women kidnapped by Isis

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The first 20 minutes of Hogir Hirori’s extraordinary documentary has the beat of a gripping thriller, full of hushed voices, car chases, and the terrifying sounds of gunfight. Much of it shot at night, the film follow...

New Zealand’s biggest contribution to the climate struggle is its positive example

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Should New Zealand hold itself to its greenhouse gas emissions targets? "Natuurlik!” you may be thinking – and you wouldn’t be the only one. There is widespread support for climate action in Aotearoa. It led to record...

Widow of slain Haitian leader allegedly blames political enemies as power struggle intensifies

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Martine Moise, the widow of slain Haitian president Jovenel Moise on Saturday accused shadowy enemies of organizing his assassination to stop democratic change, as a struggle for power intensified in the Caribbean nat...

‘It’s all up in the air’: wary Haitians stay home as power struggle looms

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Disturbing details of the murder of Haiti’s president, Jovenel Moïse, are emerging as the Caribbean country grapples with the fallout from what was officially the first assassination of a serving president in the Amer...

Eswatini protests: ‘we are fighting a liberation struggle’

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Authorities in Eswatini have promised a “national dialogue” in an attempt to avert further unrest after dozens died and hundreds of businesses were burned down in weeks of protest in Africa’s only remaining absolute m...

‘I struggle every day with the loss of my former life’: what it’s like to live with chronic pain

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“The endless cycle of seeing doctors and never seeing any change or improvement” is how one 43-year-old woman from the US described what it’s like to live with chronic overlapping pain conditions. Long Covid has helpe...

Black Lives Matter protesters make Palestinian struggle their own

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Palestinians and Israelis have seen some of the worst violence in years after Israeli settlers forcibly expelled Palestinian families from their homes in the Sheikh Jarrah neighborhood in May. US news surrounding the...

Rome ready for Euro 2020 kick-off but fans struggle to get in mood

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The rescheduled European football championships kick off in Rome on Friday in what the city’s mayor, Virginia Raggi, has billed as a symbol of a new beginning. Andrea Bocelli will sing Nessun Dorma before the opening ...

Homebuyers struggle: ‘Sellers just add the stamp duty saving to the price’

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The housing market has defied expectations over the past year, fuelled by people’s desire to move to properties with gardens and space to work from home, and boosted by stamp duty holidays across the UK. But the fren...

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