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China struck by 6.0-magnitude earthquake – video

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China has launched an emergency response after a 6.0-magnitude earthquake jolted the south-western province of Sichuan on Thursday, killing at least three people. N somtotaal van 6,904 people have been evacuated and dozens...

Many feared dead as Haiti struck by 7.2-magnitude earthquake

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Haiti’s prime minister has said “numerous” lives have been lost after the Caribbean country was struck by a 7.2-magnitude earthquake that reduced buildings and churches to rubble and rekindled painful memories of the ...

Haiti struck by 7.2-magnitude earthquake

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Haiti has been struck by a major 7.2-magnitude earthquake. The US Geological Survey (USGS) said the quake struck about 150km (93 myl) west of the capital, Port au Prince, at about 8.30am local time and had a depth o...