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Australia’s strong Covid vaccine uptake will wane in coming months due to hesitancy, expert warns

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Australians must be prepared to see the Covid vaccination uptake curve start to flatten in coming months, a leading vaccine communication expert has warned, due to the rate of hesitancy. But she is calling for health ...

International research shows ‘strong evidence’ linking vaping to cigarette smoking

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Young people who use e-cigarettes are more likely to take up tobacco cigarettes, according to an international review of research into vaping. People under 20 who used vapes were more than three times as likely to hav...

The power of no: how to build strong, healthy boundaries

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Geen. A tiny, yet mighty word. To hear it can make us feel childlike; sheepish or in trouble. How does it make you feel to say “no”? Strong? Nervous? Guilty? Do you say it often enough? In July, when the gymnast Simone ...

Strong winds push surging Caldor fire closer to Lake Tahoe

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Flames raced across treetops and through drought-stricken vegetation as firefighters scrambled Wednesday to keep a growing California wildfire from reaching a resort city at the southern tip of Lake Tahoe after evacua...

Chineke!/Bovell review – young orchestra continue to make strong case for neglected repertoire

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It’s a long time since I heard any of Samuel Coleridge-Taylor’s Hiawatha cantata trilogy in a concert; probably not, in werklikheid, since as a schoolboy I played in a performance of the first part, Hiawatha’s Wedding Feast....

Jameis Winston makes strong case to succeed Brees in Saints’ preseason win

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Jameis Winston picked opportune moments to let it fly in his first NFL start since 2019. Winston completed touchdown passes of 43 en 29 yards to second-year pro Marquez Callaway, and the Saints defeated the Jacksonvi...

‘Panjshir stands strong’: Afghanistan’s last holdout against the Taliban

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When President Ashraf Ghani fled Afghanistan, and the Taliban seized Kabul in a single bloodless day, the country’s long civil war seemed all but over. But within hours a group of fighters and politicians had vowed ot...

Joe Biden to tout strong July jobs numbers – US politics live

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How we met: ‘She gave me strong signs that she wasn’t looking for romance’

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In early 2008, Vinca was a self-confessed party girl, living the high life in Manchester. She worked for a recruitment firm during the day and went clubbing at night. “I lived with my best friend at the time, Flo. Hy ...

Labour has a strong plan for young people. But it will struggle for their attention

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Many things have disappeared from British politics since it became mostly about the pandemic. One of the most important has been the idea that the interests and grievances of people under 40 are worth a lot of attenti...

Kalifornië: strong winds form fire tornado during Tennant blaze – video

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Newly released footage of the Tennant fire in California, filmed on 29 Junie, shows a fire tornado near the Klamath national forest. Large wildfires can heat air so much that huge clouds develop. In strong winds, these...

Kalifornië: strong winds form fire tornado during Tennant fire – video

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Newly released footage of the Tennant fire in California filmed on 29 June shows a fire tornado near the Klamath national forest. Large wildfires can heat air so much that huge clouds develop. In strong winds, these c...

Deliveroo raises sales forecast after ‘strong growth’ in 2021

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The takeaway delivery company Deliveroo has raised its forecasts for sales this year after “strong growth” during the first six months of 2021, a period that included its rocky stock market listing. Deliveroo said on ...

Mixing Covid vaccines offers strong immune protection – study

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Having different Covid vaccines for first and second shots produces a strong immune response to the virus, according to research that will help improve the resilience of vaccine programmes around the world. Scientists...

Team GB name 11-strong Olympic boxing squad packed with talent

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Boxing is likely to be one of the sports which offers Team GB the best opportunity to win medals at the Tokyo Olympics and Wednesday’s announcement of the squad of seven men and four women confirmed its depth and qual...

June Plum, Wellingborough: ‘Strong, clean flavours that delight’ – restaurant review

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June Plum, 31-32 Cambridge Street, Wellingborough NN8 1DW ( Starters £1.95-£8.25, mains £9.95-£18.50, desserts £6.50-£7.95, cocktails £6.95-£8 While the East Midlands will not dazzle you with Michelin st...

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