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Anthony Albanese vows to strengthen Australia’s ties on official Indonesia visit

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Anthony Albanese has declared he wants to strengthen the Australia-Indonesia relationship while deepening ties with south-east Asian nations amid escalating tensions prompted by China’s growing assertiveness in the In...

We must strengthen local councils, but also hold them to account

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In response to your letters (18 Januarie), from my experience there are three kinds of parish or town council: the proactive, the reactive and the inactive. I should know as I spent 30 years as a councillor – 24 on a t...

Covid booster shots significantly strengthen immunity, trial finds

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Covid booster shots can dramatically strengthen the body’s immune defences, according to a study that raises hopes of preventing another wave of severe disease driven by the Omicron variant. In a study published in th...

Aanlyn-kleinhandelaar THG om raad te versterk na kommer oor bestuur

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Die aanlynkleinhandelaar THG gaan sy direksie versterk met die aanstelling van 'n onafhanklike voorsitter nadat kommer oor bestuur en die toekoms van die onderneming tot 'n insinking in sy waardasie gelei het.. Egter, meer as £800m ...

Move of the week: how to strengthen your abs

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If plank pose feels too easy, the hollow body hold is sure to put the fire back in your belly (pun intended). It is a gymnastics core exercise designed to strengthen the muscles on the front of your body (particularl...