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‘Collective strength’: the LRA captive restoring dignity to survivors in Uganda

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When Victoria Nyanjura was abducted from her Catholic boarding school in northern Uganda by members of the Lord’s Resistance Army, she prayed to God asking to die. Sy was 14 when she was taken, along with 29 others, ...

Die lewe van prins Philip, die koningin se 'sterkte en bly' - video-doodsberig

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Gebore op die eiland Korfu, die man wat homself eens beskryf het as ''n gediskrediteerde Balkan-prins met geen besondere verdienste of onderskeid nie', die hertog van Edinburgh het 'n sleutelrol gespeel in die ontwikkeling van die moderne monargie..

Boris Johnson’s bold reshuffle is a show of strength – and a sign of pressure

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When Boris Johnson reshuffled his cabinet in February last year, it did not go as planned. Despite Johnson still riding high after his election victory, ministers complained about No 10’s abrasive approach, supporters...

‘I’ve got this little extra strength’: the rare, intense world of a super smeller

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A few years ago Dr Krati Garg, an oral and maxillofacial surgeon in Melbourne, was in theatre about to commence work on a patient when she told the anaesthetist she could smell sevoflurane. Sevoflurane is the anaesthe...

Prins Philip: the life of the Queen’s ‘strength and stay’ - video doodsberig

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A look back at the life of Prince Philip, described by the Queen as her 'strength and stay for decades'. Gebore op die eiland Korfu, the man who once described himself as 'a discredited Balkan prince of no particular...

‘Putin only understands strength’: Estonian PM on Ukraine tensions

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Europe needs to end its reliance on Russian energy and Germany should accept that the Nord Stream 2 pipeline was never just a commercial project, the Estonian prime minister has said in an interview conducted against ...