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‘Snake oil’: doubts loom over tech firm Darktrace’s high-octane sales strategy

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Darktrace is a well-oiled sales and marketing machine, as slick and turbocharged as the multimillion-pound McLaren Formula One sponsorship deal it uses to entice prospective clients, and yet the cybersecurity company ...

Austerity-hit council defends its ‘high-risk’ investment strategy

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In an ideal world, Cathy Mitchell wouldn’t have to spend her time worrying about a £1bn-plus investment portfolio. The former barrister and deputy leader of Warrington borough council would usually have her mind on sc...

UK government sued over ‘pie-in-the-sky’ net-zero climate strategy

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The UK government is being sued over its net zero climate strategy, which lawyers argue illegally fails to include the policies needed to deliver the promised cuts in emissions. Court papers were filed on Wednesday by...

Repeated Covid boosters not viable strategy against new variants, WHO experts warn

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World Health Organization experts have warned that repeating booster doses of the original Covid vaccines is not a viable strategy against emerging variants and called for new jabs that better protect against transmis...

Notizie Covid in diretta: boosters not viable strategy against new variants, L'OMS avverte; Quebec to impose ‘health tax’ on unvaccinated

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World Health Organization experts call for new vaccines that offer better protection against transmission; Quebec to tax residents who refuse to get Covid jab for non-medical reasons

Strategy shift: Biden confronts Trump head on after year of silent treatment

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In the first moments of his presidency, Joe Biden called on Americans to set aside their deep divisions inflamed by a predecessor he intentionally ignored. He emphasized national unity and appealed to Americans to com...

Desperation as China’s locked down cities pay price of zero-Covid strategy

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Strict lockdowns in the Chinese cities of Xi’an and Yuzhou are taking their toll on the population and healthcare systems, according to residents, with complaints of food shortages and dangerous delays in accessing me...

How much longer can China keep up its zero-Covid strategy?

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Desperate residents in China’s western Xi’an city are running out of food after they were barred from grocery shopping in a fierce lockdown. In the southern province of Guangxi, people who broke Covid laws were recent...

Faster trains and cheaper tickets to boost European rail travel in new strategy

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Trains will run faster on key routes across Europe and ticket prices and provider costs could be slashed under a Brussels plan to boost faltering efforts to make rail Europe’s default mode of transport. A new speed re...

Government’s vaccination strategy is not designed to support the NHS

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Dr Beth Rimmer’s suggestion that the NHS employ retired doctors, nurses and pharmacists to administer Covid vaccinations appears to be the obvious solution to what is already a serious problem facing the service – ie ...

It’s not too late for the British government to develop an effective Covid strategy

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The emergence of a new and worrying variant of Sars-CoV-2 shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone. Omicron appears to be a real threat, and should give pause for thought on how countries can protect their populations agains...

‘The fear of this vaccine is real’: how Papua New Guinea’s Covid strategy went so wrong

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In mid-October Dr Clement Malau, a Harvard-educated public health specialist and former secretary of the Papua New Guinea health department, was alarmed to discover he had gone viral. Only he hadn’t. Someone had poste...

The Guardian view on Bolsonaro’s Covid strategy: murderous folly

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To describe the Brazilian senate’s 1,180 page report on Jair Bolsonaro’s handling of the Covid pandemic as damning would be inadequate. Formally approved on Tuesday by a cross-party committee, the report chronicles no...

All hail the net zero strategy: a year late and lacking in both ambition and funding

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In politics, timing is everything. Last week the government set out its strategy for meeting its net zero carbon targets: this came a year later than expected, and less than a fortnight before the UK finds itself fron...

Split over surge in energy prices overshadows EU climate strategy

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European Union leaders have exposed their differences over how to tackle a surge in energy prices, as Hungary’s prime minister, Viktor Orbán, dismissed some of the bloc’s plans to confront the climate emergency as “ut...

Net zero strategy: Tory MPs’ anger over Treasury assessment on high costs

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Anger is growing across the Conservative party over a Treasury document on the costs of the net zero strategy which MPs claim has been “neutered” – though sources insisted estimates had not been reliable enough to inc...

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