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‘Big questions’: New Zealand Covid minister raises doubts about elimination strategy

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The arrival of the Delta strain in New Zealand has prompted the country’s Covid-19 response minister to question the efficacy of its ambitious elimination strategy – an approach that has been the backbone of the count...

‘Blacklisting’ terrorist groups: the post-9/11 strategy that only serves to prolong wars

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In the wake of the 9/11 attacks, the United States spearheaded an international campaign to contain the threat from militant groups, like al-Qaida, by encouraging states to blacklist “terrorist” groups. Perhaps the mo...

‘Brazen’ government media strategy muddies detail of UK race report

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For what was billed as a landmark examination of racial disparities, set up directly by Downing Street and months in the making, the arrival of the report was curiously low-key – or, critics say, done with significant...

‘Everybody got it wrong’ on Taliban strategy, says UK defence chief

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Britain’s most senior military officer, Gen Sir Nick Carter, has hit back at suggestions from the foreign secretary, Dominic Raab, that intelligence was flawed about the strength of the Taliban. Significant tensions h...

"El miedo a esta vacuna es real": cómo la estrategia Covid de Papúa Nueva Guinea salió tan mal

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A mediados de octubre, el Dr. Clement Malau, un especialista en salud pública educado en Harvard y exsecretario del departamento de salud de Papua Nueva Guinea, se alarmó al descubrir que se había vuelto viral. Solo que él no lo había hecho. Alguien había posteado..

All hail the net zero strategy: a year late and lacking in both ambition and funding

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In politics, timing is everything. Last week the government set out its strategy for meeting its net zero carbon targets: this came a year later than expected, and less than a fortnight before the UK finds itself fron...

Anger and grief: New Zealanders fearful as Covid elimination strategy ends

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New Zealanders are grieving for the end of the country’s Covid elimination strategy and anxious about what the future holds, a day after prime minister Jacinda Ardern announced the country would switch to a suppressio...

Austerity-hit council defends its ‘high-risk’ investment strategy

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In an ideal world, Cathy Mitchell wouldn’t have to spend her time worrying about a £1bn-plus investment portfolio. The former barrister and deputy leader of Warrington borough council would usually have her mind on sc...

Bad strategy? How the Republican attack on voting rights could backfire

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As the coronavirus wreaked havoc around the world, lawmakers in the US were faced with a monumental task: carrying out a presidential election in the middle of a once-in-century pandemic. Concerned about the possibili...

Bee population steady in Dutch cities thanks to pollinator strategy

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Bee hotels, bee stops and a honey highway are some of the components of a national pollinator strategy that the Dutch are crediting with keeping their urban bee population steady in recent years, after a period of wor...

Ben Jennings on Boris Johnson’s winning local election strategy – cartoon

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Biden to rally regional support for China containment strategy at Quad summit

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Joe Biden will host the first in-person summit of the Quad countries – the US, India, Japan and Australia – at the White House on Friday as he ratchets up the reorientation of US foreign policy towards the Pacific and...

Biden’s ‘over the horizon’ counter-terrorism strategy comes with new risks

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Joe Biden has said the US will maintain an “over the horizon” counter-terrorism capability to neutralise the threat posed by Islamist extremist groups in Afghanistan. With no troops on the ground, no intelligence-gath...

Boris Johnson told to get grip of UK climate strategy before Cop26

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‘Worrisome’ policy decisions could undermine UK leadership and the talks themselves, say senior climate expertsBoris Johnson must urgently take control of the UK’s presidency of vital UN climate talks, amid a shower o...

Chile emerges as global leader in Covid inoculations with ‘pragmatic strategy

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Chile has administered more than 3.1m vaccine doses in just three weeks to emerge as a global leader in Covid-19 inoculations, trailing only the US, Reino Unido, UAE and Israel in vaccination doses per 100 gente. Having initi...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: new rules for travel in England; New Zealand to phase out elimination strategy

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England’s traffic light system for international travel replaced by one red list; Jacinda Ardern says New Zealand will ‘transition’ towards new policy

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