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Why are books on the English school curriculum still in the grip of straight, white men?

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In my 15 years of teaching English to hundreds of children in various parts of England, there are four books that have been on the curriculum in every school I have found myself in, with no exception: Of Mice and Men ...

「ストレート, 対象外の動物をあまりにも多く捕まえる, キリスト教徒, 郊外のお母さんが自分のゲームで共和党員を引き受ける

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マロリー・マックモローは、幼い子供たちを「花婿」と「性的表現」をしたいと思ったために同僚に蹂躙されたという刺し傷を覚えています。. 「私は恐ろしいと感じました," 彼女が言います. しかし、肩をすくめたり、主題を変えようとしたりする代わりに。.

I quite enjoy sex with women but often find myself thinking about men I see – am I gay, straight or bi?

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I am a 22-year-old male and I’m very confused about my sexuality. I don’t know if I’m gay, straight or bi. I have had sex with women and I enjoy it, but generally I don’t find myself massively aroused. I am concerned...

Trippier’s free-kick against Aston Villa earns third straight win for Newcastle

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As Eddie Howe ran out of Newcastle players to embrace and, wreathed in smiles, finally walked off the pitch, he looked up towards the directors’ box and blew his wife a kiss. If she had not already realised it, this w...

The Eyes of Tammy Faye review – disappointingly straight biopic of a queer icon

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Superstar televangelist Tammy Faye Bakker was a queer ally; with her tattooed lip liner and drag queen makeup, she was a queer icon too. 残念ながら, Michael Showalter’s biopic couldn’t be straighter. Based on the...

Kansas City Chiefs rally for 13th straight win over Broncos stay alive for No 1 seed

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Linebacker Nick Bolton’s 86-yard fumble return after Melvin Ingram III darted into Denver’s backfield untouched and stripped Melvin Gordon powered the Kansas City Chiefs to a 28-24 victory over the Denver Broncos on S...

Carrie-Anne Moss: ‘There was a scene in the first Matrix with me in stilettos. I could barely stand straight’

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When The Matrix asks us all to take the red pill again on 22 12月, Carrie-Anne Moss, 54, will return to the role that made her famous. Moss first played Trinity, a motorbike-riding, badass, PVC-clad hacker, に 199...

Straight White Men review – modern male psychology spotlit

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Straight white men run the world. But in Young Jean Lee’s 2014 satirical drama, directed by Steven Kunis, none of them seem to be winning. Jake is a successful banker but a self-confessed jerk. Drew is a novelist with...

No straight lines: Alison Bechdel and the unstoppable rise of queer comics

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Among other things, the story of LGBTQ+ liberation is a story of spaces. For as long as the LGBTQ+ community has sought freedom and equality, it has been essential for this group to have places both concrete and metap...

どのように私たちが出会ったか: 「私は彼の兄弟の葬式で彼を見て、すぐに割り当てられました」

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クレアは 16 彼女の学校の友達が, デビッド, バイク事故で亡くなりました. 葬式当日, の夏に 1979, 彼女はアンドリューを見つけた, 彼の兄弟, 初めて. 彼らはそれを話しませんでしたが...


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アンディマリーは火曜日にアメリカのデニスクドラにストレートセットで勝利し、サンディエゴオープンの第2ラウンドまで巡航しました. 34歳のマレー, ハードコートトーナメントへのワイルドカードエントリーを与えられた, NS...

Straight from the heart: the lockdown-inspired love letter boom

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In March last year, as lockdown was starting to seem inevitable, Lauren turned to her colleague Paul with a proposition: “Will you be my penpal?” Though they had worked together for two years, it was only recently tha...

‘It was about the simplicity of it’: duo first to hike Cairngorms straight line

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Calum Maclean and Jenny Graham had grown tired of several daylong hikes across Alpine ridges, and were in search of genuine novelty. They were surprised to find it a little closer to home: a trek across the heather-co...

Straight from 2000s: latest fashion ‘it’ piece is the £3 claw clip

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Fashion’s latest “it” accessory doesn’t come with a three-figure price tag, and it isn’t sold at exclusive boutiques. 実際には, the claw clip can be found in most pharmacies nationwide and costs about £3. The springed ...

Kenya’s Eliud Kipchoge blitzes field for second straight Olympic marathon gold

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Eliud Kipchoge cemented his place as the greatest distance runner of all time as he retained his Olympic marathon title in brutal conditions in Sapporo. As the Kenyan crossed the line in 2:08.38, he thumped his chest ...

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