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Hoe die narratief van volle indiensneming Brittanje die ware verhaal verberg

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Die boodskap van die regering is duidelik. ’n Groeiende arbeidsmark verteenwoordig die silwer randjie van die donker wolk wat oor die ekonomie hang. Daar is meer vakatures as wat daar mense is wat amptelik as ou geklassifiseer is..

Die storie van my waansin

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Dit is ontstellend, byna 60 jare oud, om gediagnoseer te word met 'n siekte waaraan jy jou hele lewe gely het sonder dat dit ooit genoem word. Jou eerste reaksie is om te protesteer. Ek het geprotesteer, dring daarop aan dat bipolêre ...

‘I fell in love with it in a profound way’: how The Quiet Girl’s fostering story captured its director’s heart

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Colm Bairéad resigned himself to walking away empty-handed from the Irish Film and TV awards in March. His tiny-budget Irish language drama The Quiet Girl was up against Kenneth Branagh’s multi-Oscar-nominated juggern...

‘Wagatha Christie’ case: Vardy says she tried to leak Drinkwater story to the Sun

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Rebekah Vardy has confirmed she attempted to leak a story about the arrest of drink-driving Premier League footballer Danny Drinkwater to a journalist at the Sun – but insisted it was a one-off. As part of the continu...

‘I was literally shocked’: the true story behind new TV drama The Staircase

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A woman lies dying in a pool of blood at the bottom of a staircase. Haar man, a novelist, oproepe 911. It is 2.40am. “My wife had an accident,” says a frantic Michael Peterson. “She’s still breathing!” The operator a...

Short story writer Deesha Philyaw: ‘I wanted to challenge the church’s obsession with sex’

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When asked to choose their favourite story in The Secret Lives of Church Ladies, Deesha Philyaw’s acclaimed debut collection, most people, the author tells me, say Peach Cobbler. This simultaneously funny and punch-in...

Mail on Sunday editor rejects meeting with Speaker over Angela Rayner story

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The Mail on Sunday’s editor has rejected a meeting with the House of Commons speaker after a story that accused Angela Rayner of “distracting” Boris Johnson with her legs. Sir Lindsay Hoyle had called the newspaper’s ...

Angela Rayner: ‘I begged Mail on Sunday not to publish Basic Instinct story’

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Angela Rayner has revealed she begged the Mail on Sunday not to run a story claiming a Conservative MP compared her to the character in Basic Instinct, saying the “classist” comments in the piece were disparaging abou...

‘Absolutely staggering’: the true story behind TV’s buzziest new show

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He was praised as a positive role model. He enjoyed the admiration and respect of his superiors and was given special privileges. His elite unit came to be seen by senior commanders as “a bulwark against chaos”. Polic...

Tyson Fury refuses to address Daniel Kinahan sanctions story

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Tyson Fury chose to avoid discussing the troubling news story that continues to reverberate as he met the media in person for the first time since the US Treasury announced last week that it had imposed sanctions agai...

Firebird review – story of gay lovers in the Soviet era is Brokeback in the USSR

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Made last year but suddenly obliquely relevant after the Russian invasion of Ukraine, this Estonian-British co-production examines some of the ways a repressive and homophobic state apparatus scars citizens with shame...

Zack Tahhan is being hailed for his NYPD tipoff. That’s not the whole story

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In the aftermath of the Brooklyn subway shooting, social media has found its latest star. Zack Tahhan, 21, was quickly anointed as a hero on Wednesday following the arrest of Frank R James, the suspect in the attack t...

Ekster: verhaal van 'n sokkerspeler wat genadeloos deur poniekoerantpers gebruik en misbruik word

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Dit is geen groot bederf om dit te openbaar nie, afgesien van Gazza se opening- en slottonele wat naby 'n Hampshire-vismeer verfilm is, dit bestaan ​​uit argiefmateriaal. Die onderwerp van hierdie tweedelige dokumentêr, om te wys op die ...

Jimmy Savile: A British Horror Story review – a welter of devastating detail

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‘If this guy was walking down the street, you wouldn’t want to talk to him,” says Selina Scott, watching footage of herself in her 80s-presenting heyday interviewing Jimmy Savile in his “flirtatious” mode. Young Selin...

Coming to England review – Floella Benjamin story overlooks her ascent to Play School

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It is fitting that an adaptation of Floella Benjamin’s memoir of her girlhood should encapsulate the spirit of children’s television. Na alles, it was Play School that made Benjamin a household name in the 1980s. Thi...

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