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New Zealand budget 2022: Ardern offers $1bn in sweeteners to tackle cost of living ‘storm’

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Weekly $27 cash payments, fuel discounts and half-price public transport are among the short-term sweeteners offered up by New Zealand’s government in its latest budget, as it tries to juggle the cost-of-living crisis...

Iraq engulfed by dust storm, leaving dozens hospitalised and flights grounded

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Iraq was yet again covered in a thick sheet of orange on Sunday as it suffered the latest in a series of dust storms that have become increasingly common. Dozens were hospitalised with respiratory problems in the cent...

Andrew Rea: the YouTube chef cooking up a storm

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Andrew Rea is one of the biggest chefs in the world, though that’s no guarantee you’ve heard of him. He has no TV show. No restaurant ever bore his name. He has never worked as a chef, nor attended culinary school. He...

Three officers killed in central Nigeria as gunmen storm police station

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Three policemen have been killed in central Nigeria’s Kogi state after gunmen stormed a police station in an attack claimed by Islamic State. State police spokesperson William Ovye Aya said a fierce gun battle took pl...

Dozens killed in Philippines landslides and floods as tropical storm Megi hits

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Ten minste 24 people have been killed in landslides and flooding across central and southern Philippines, authorities said Monday, after tropical storm Megi dumped heavy rain and disrupted travel ahead of the Easter hol...

Dozens hospitalised as Iraq engulfed by dust storm

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A dust storm has swept through much of Iraq, leaving dozens of people in hospital with respiratory problems, a health ministry spokesperson said on Saturday. The storm formed in the north of the country on Thursday, p ...

End of free Covid testing risks creating ‘a perfect storm’ for UK economy

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The removal of free Covid tests is an “anti-business” measure that risks hitting the economy as it faces spiralling costs and uncertainty, ministers have been warned. Some workplaces are already seeing teams hit hard ...

Sri Lanka: protesters try to storm president’s house as economic crisis deepens

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A protest by hundreds of people trying to storm the home of Sri Lankan president Gotabaya Rajapaksa has turned violent, with at least one man critically wounded, as residents criticised the government’s handling of th...

Devon pub reaps Twitter storm after adding ploughperson’s to menu

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It was meant as a gentle nod to the women who farm the often bleak uplands of south-west Britain. But the landlord of a Dartmoor pub has been forced to rethink a decision to bill one of their lunchtime staples not as ...

My struggle for ‘settled status’ caused a media storm. A year on, I’m still in limbo

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It has been nearly a whole year since I was refused my settled status to live in Britain. Not many people know this, and you certainly wouldn’t be able to tell from my crisp British accent, but I’m a Dutch citizen. My...

Iditarod sledders punished for sheltering dogs during winter storm

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A fierce winter storm in the last stretch of this year’s Iditarod Trail Sled Dog, which ultimately forced six mushers to quit the same day, now has seen three mushers punished for sheltering their dogs instead of leav...

Watter samesweringsteorie het gesentreer op die komeet Ping Pong r..

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Watter samesweringsteorie het gesentreer op die komeet Ping Pong r.. (4.5m) twee dae ondergronds in 'n stormpyp in die San Franciscobaai-omgewing die breedte van 'n groot pizza is gered in 'n poging wat ure geduur het en ten minste 50 brandbestryders, twee dae ondergronds in 'n stormpyp in die San Franciscobaai-omgewing die breedte van 'n groot pizza is gered in 'n poging wat ure geduur het en ten minste.

Texas wildfires: approaching storm could bring rain but also high winds

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Wildfires continued to scorch parts of Texas on Monday while a storm system moving through could bring much-needed rain but also strong winds, forecasters said. The fires were blamed for two deaths – one in Texas and ...

Can oysters save New York City from the next big storm?

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On a recent Saturday afternoon, diners at the Brooklyn restaurant Grand Army slurped oysters drizzled in mignonette and lemon juice against a soundtrack of hip-hop classics and funk. Unbeknown to many of them, they we...

Let’s storm Parliament! The punks who risked their lives to fix ableist Britain

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You probably don’t know what happened when Barbara met Alan, but you should. Barbara Lisicki – the UK’s first disabled female comic – and Alan Holdsworth – AKA musician Johnny Crescendo – were two rebellious, punk-ins...

Councils ‘will have to cut key services to pay for UK storm damage’

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Councils will have to cut key services to pay for the “soul-destroying” damage caused by three unprecedented storms across the UK, local leaders have said. Storms Dudley, Eunice and Franklin brought hurricane-force wi...

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