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TechScape: How smart are Facebook’s Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses?

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It’s hard to talk about Ray-Ban Stories, because what they represent is significantly more important than what they are. But first, let’s talk about what they are. The branding is … confusing, since Ray-Ban Stories ar...

The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station review – awe generators turned up to 11

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With such strong base-level material, you could hardly go wrong, and so it proves with this history of the International Space Station, which has been orbiting the Earth 250 miles up since 1998. This is very much the ...

Facebook announces launch of Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses

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Facebook lives in your pocket, on the web, en, if you’ve bought the company’s Portal video-calling device, even in your kitchen. Nou, it wants to find a home on your face. The company has created its first “smart gla...

Sound Cistem review – a heady disco of trans stories

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“They say it’s trans people who are obsessed with gender, but it’s cis people who are.” Featuring the unfiltered voices of young trans and non-binary people, this searing, sweaty disco is a heady exploration of identi...

Top 10 magical short stories

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According to the blurb writer on my Penguin Classics copy, Hans Christian Andersen was the “first writer to create timeless universal fairytales from his own imagination”. (Islamic golden age: “Are you sure?”) It’s ac...

‘Our campsite was an apocalyptic disaster scene’: readers’ summer camping stories

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Cliff camping seemed like a great idea during the pandemic, when we were craving adventure. After a couple of hours spotting seals, abseiling and rock climbing with our very patient guide, we abseiled down to our bed ...

Afterlives: the incredible stories behind recovered Nazi-looted art

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Many museum exhibits impress solely on the aesthetic strengths of the pieces on display. Others are curated to offer a powerful narrative about the work’s creators. Rarely does one walk away from a gallery with a spin...

Blank Pages by Bernard MacLaverty – stories from the far end of life

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Bernard MacLaverty has never rushed into print: his first novel, Lamb (1980) – a sharp tragedy with an indelible ending – was published when he was 38, with four further novels across four decades. Collections of stor...

Sign up to the Green Light email to get the planet’s most important stories

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It can be hard to keep track of all the latest environmental developments, from changes in the natural world to eco-activism. What scientific consensus are governments ignoring? What’s the latest sign that climate cha...

True Stories: Spaces review – impressive short docs from folk horror to a Lebanese marvel

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Deeply psychogeographical, this collection of documentary shorts from the streaming platform True Story roams among spaces old and new, and across continents. Personal and public memories are intertwined, creating por...

Top 10 stories about bored teenagers

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Returning to carefree adolescence might sound like an exciting and sexy proposition – parties, kissing, no hangovers, no debt – but wasn’t most of that time spent in utter boredom? Wasn’t being a teenager tedious with...

Booker prize reveals globe-spanning longlist of ‘engrossing stories’

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Kazuo Ishiguro first won the Booker prize in 1989 for The Remains of the Day. Thirty-one years later, the British author has made the longlist for the £50,000 award with Klara and the Sun, his first novel since winnin...

‘The law is cold. It doesn’t reflect the life lost’: mothers of murder victims tell their stories

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A new campaign film keeps the pressure on the Ministry of Justice to change the minimum sentence for domestic murder. The Changes That We Can Make features Carole Gould and Julie Devey, two mothers who have been campa...

Where UK aid cuts bite deepest – stories from the sharp end

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Bukola Onyishi was delighted when she found out that the British government was going to help her realise a dream in one of the poorest parts of Nigeria. With a grant agreement that was meant to last for three years, ...

‘Tell those stories’: Kurds call for torture prison to be turned into place of healing

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Altan Tan was 24 when Diyarbakır’s notorious Military Prison No 5 was built, just before Turkey’s 1980 military coup. Not long after that, his father was thrown inside, never to emerge. “He was only there for a few we...

England’s origin stories: this is where football came home from

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