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M&S may close some French stores due to supply chain delays caused by Brexit

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Punte & Spencer could close some of its French stores after new Brexit border controls left it struggling to keep the shelves full. The high street retailer has been vocal about the big supply chain problems it ha...

Asda to open 200 petrol station stores by end of 2022

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Asda is to open 200 convenience stores on petrol station forecourts by the end of next year as its new private equity owners put their stamp on the UK’s third largest supermarket. In the first formal update since Asda...

Fifth of BHS stores empty five years after chain closed

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Revelations that a fifth of former BHS stores remain empty on the fifth anniversary of the chain’s closure suggest gaps left by closed-down department stores on UK high streets and in shopping centres may become perma...

French Covid permit scheme extended to Paris department stores

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France’s pass sanitaire health permit system will be extended to more than 120 major department stores and shopping centres on Monday in areas where levels of Covid infection are causing concern, including Paris and t...

More high street stores close as retail recovery stutters

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The end of lockdown has come too late to prevent fresh store closures on Britain’s high streets as businesses count the cost of 18 months of pandemic disruption, the latest update on consumer spending has shown. Despi...

Sonny Stores, Bristol: ‘They get things absolutely right’ – restaurant review

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Sonny Stores, 47 Raleigh Road, Bristol BS3 1QS (0117 966 0821). Starters £4-£9, mains £13-£19, desserts £6, wines from £18 There is no glittering river running down the middle of Raleigh Road, in Bristol’s Southville ...

John Lewis and Waitrose owner to cut 1,000 jobs in stores

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The owner of John Lewis and Waitrose is planning to cut 1,000 jobs in stores as part of an effort to cut costs. The John Lewis Partnership (JLP) said it would aim to find new jobs for those losing their store manageme...

Asos strikes deal with Nordstrom to sell Topshop in US stores

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The online fashion retailer Asos has struck a deal with the US department store chain Nordstrom that will put Topshop clothing back in brick and mortar stores. Nordstrom is taking a minority stake in the Topshop, Topm...

Fashion chain Gap to close 19 stores in the UK and Ireland

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Fashion chain Gap is to close 19 stores in the UK and Ireland as the coronavirus pandemic continues to take its toll on the high street, while a distribution centre in Rugby remains at risk. A spokesperson confirmed t...

Twitter lists paid-for ‘Blue’ subscription service on app stores

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Twitter has listed a new paid-for “Twitter Blue” service on app stores, suggesting the social media company may soon launch its long-rumoured subscription service. Mobile phone app stores showed the service, although ...

Amerikaanse teikenwinkels hou op om Pokémon-kaarte te verkoop nadat stygende waarde bedreigings vir personeel veroorsaak

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Amerikaanse kleinhandelreus Target sal ophou om Pokémon-speelkaarte te verkoop uit 'n “groot versigtigheid” vir sy personeel en ander kopers. Die herverkoopwaarde van die kaarte het dramaties toegeneem tydens die koronavirus-uitbreiding..

Dixons Carphone to close all airport stores after tax-free shopping scrapped

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The retailer Dixons Carphone has decided to close permanently all of its outlets in airports, blaming the UK government’s decision to scrap tax-free shopping. The company said it did not expect a sufficient recovery i...

Tesco fined £7.56m for selling out of date food in Birmingham stores

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Tesco has been fined £7.56m by a judge for selling out of date food at three of its Birmingham stores. The supermarket chain was handed the penalty by a judge at Birmingham magistrates court on Monday and ordered to p...

UK garden centres and DIY stores expected to rake in £1.4bn over Easter

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Britons are expected to spend about £1.4bn at garden centres and DIY stores this Easter as people splash out on improving their surroundings after months of lockdown, and as bank holiday getaways and trips to the pub ...

The disappearance of department stores like John Lewis will leave us all poorer

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There is an advert I like from the glory days of the department store: “I was lonely,” a woman says, “so I went to Selfridges … one of the biggest and brightest places I could think of.” Selfridge’s cut 450 jobs in 20...

'Hulle gee nie om nie': Amerikaanse supermarkketting sluit winkels na reël vir gevaarbetaling

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Kroger, the largest supermarket chain in the US which makes hundred of millions of dollars in profits, is shutting down grocery stores and laying off scores of employees in response to local hazard pay rules for essen...

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