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Sarah Everard case: people stopped by lone officer could ‘wave down a bus’, says Met

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Police will have to work hard to rebuild public confidence after the murder of Sarah Everard by a serving officer, a minister has said, as Scotland Yard said people stopped by a lone plainclothes officer should challe...

R Kelly’s ex-wife says victim shaming stopped women coming forward

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The culture around victim shaming stopped women coming forward sooner about the abuse they experienced at the hands of R Kelly, the singer’s ex-wife Drea Kelly has said. A New York jury on Monday found R Kelly guilty ...

‘Durst is where he belongs’: Jinx producer says real estate heir wanted to be stopped

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A documentary producer whose work helped convict Robert Durst of the murder of his best friend 20 years ago believes the 78-year-old New York property scion may have feared he was a serial killer and wanted to be stop...

More than 4m stopped wearing masks this summer in Britain, ONS data shows

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More than four million people stopped wearing face coverings in public this summer, official figures have revealed as a senior government scientific adviser warned Tuesday’s maskless cabinet meeting would be “toxic” t...

Suspected thief of winning scratchcard stopped at Rome airport

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Border police at Rome’s main airport have prevented a Naples tobacco shop owner suspected of running off with a customer’s winning game ticket from boarding a flight to the Canary Islands, Italian news reports said. T ...

Why has the CDC stopped collecting data on breakthrough Covid cases?

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Breakthrough cases – infections among vaccinated people – are happening. These are normal and expected because the vaccines, though all powerfully protective against Covid, are not 100% eficaz. But how many people,...

Matt Damon reveals he only recently stopped using homophobic slur

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Matt Damon has been heavily criticized after revealing that he has only recently stopped using a well-known homophobic slur, after being told by his daughter that it was unacceptable. The Oscar-winning actor made the ...

Went to mow … but stopped: how UK cities embraced the meadows revolution

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A patch of purple wildflowers springs out of Peckham Rye like a bruise. En otra parte, strips of long grass quiver in the wind, breaking up the uniformity of well-cut grass. Poppies, red campion and meadowsweet are among ...

Home Office unlawfully stopped family joining Windrush woman, court rules

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The Home Office unlawfully prevented the children and husband of a Windrush generation woman from joining her in the UK, separating the family for almost three years in a manner the high court ruled represented “a col...

Usman Khan mentor visits stopped weeks before terror attack, investigación contada

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The convicted terrorist Usman Khan stopped getting regular mentor visits aimed at preventing him reoffending because of a Home Office contract dispute weeks before his deadly attack at Fishmongers’ Hall, an inquest ha...

Sevilla set up La Liga title race for the ages on day the clock stopped

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The scene could have come straight from Hackney Marshes or Donkey Lane, a portrait of a thousand pitches in a thousand places and any given Sunday league; en lugar de, it came from the Sánchez Pizjuán and what would soon ...

Government promises radar on UK smart motorways to detect stopped vehicles

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New smart motorways must have radar technology in place before they open to detect stopped vehicles, el gobierno ha anunciado, in a move some campaigners said did not go far enough to ensure motorists’ safety. El...

In brief: The World Before Us; Cunning Women; When Time Stopped – reviews

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Tom HighamViking, £20, pp296 It is received wisdom that humanity is descended from the Neanderthals, and that they were the only prehistoric humanoid race. As archaeology professor Tom Higham convincingly argues in t...

Second chance: clock stopped after Japan tsunami starts ticking a decade later

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For almost 10 años, the clock hanging in Bunshun Sakano’s temple was a reminder of the day nature’s force came close to destroying his community. The clock, which is thought to be about 100 años, stopped ticking...

I stopped getting up early during the pandemicand have never felt better

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One of the consolation prizes the pandemic gave me was more sleep: 9.5 hours a night, to be precise. It’s been a big change. Before Covid I woke up every day at 6.30am, scraping in with around seven hours of shut-eye....

Steve Bell on Harry saying Charles stopped taking his calls — cartoon

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