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‘We stopped using the oven as price went up’: how rise in energy bills is hitting UK homes

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The UK is gripped by the worst cost of living emergency since the 1980s, with inflation hitting 7% – and threatening to breach 9% – driven by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and supply chain disruption during the pandemi...

Ban bonuses for water firm bosses until sewage spills stopped, urge Lib Dems

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Bonuses should be banned for water company bosses until sewage spills into rivers stop, the Liberal Democrats are to demand. Executives were awarded £27m in bonuses over the past two years despite pumping out raw sewa...

Why the White House stopped telling the truth about inflation and corporate power

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The Biden White House has decided to stop tying inflation to corporate power. That’s a big mistake. I’ll get to the reason for the shift in a moment. First, I want to be clear about the relationship between inflation ...

‘My hunger never stopped’: Former F1 champ Villeneuve qualifies for Daytona aged 50

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Jacques Villeneuve has a Formula One title to his name and an Indianapolis 500 victory. He has nothing left to prove and yet celebrated as if qualifying for the Daytona 500 was the biggest win of his career. The 50-ye...

The Guide #21: has the Academy stopped taking the Oscarbait?

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Every year, after the nominations for the Academy Awards are announced, our brethren at Guardian US drop their roundup of Oscarbait failures, highlighting those poor films that didn’t earn any nominations despite tryi...

Tell us: have you stopped using an exercise bike since UK Covid restrictions eased?

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We would like to hear about your exercise routines and how they might have changed since Covid restrictions eased in the UK. Do you continue to use your exercise bike at home? Or have you abandoned it and returned to...

Tell us: have you stopped exercising at home?

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We would like to hear about your exercise routines and how they might have changed since Covid restrictions eased in the UK. Do you continue to use your exercise bike at home? Or have you abandoned it and returned to...

If I stopped teaching, I worry people would think less of me

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The question You said in a previous column that “a person is not their job”, which really resonated with me, because why do we define people by what they do? I’m wondering whether this is limiting my life. Whenever we...

I’ve stopped seeing a married man. Was I unfair to end it?

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The question I’m 47 years old. Five years ago, I got involved with a married man with two kids. The relationship was intense, hyper-sexual and obsessive. I felt uneasy and tried to end it many times, but was always ea...

This year, I stopped being productive. Why is it so hard to come to terms with that?

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What have you achieved this year? Perhaps that question causes your chest to swell with pride – or perhaps you are now looking back at the vista of a somewhat disappointing year, good intentions fallen by the wayside,...

Immensa lab: month delay before incorrect Covid tests stopped

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The government’s health watchdog knew about anomalous tests at a private laboratory that gave at least 43,000 people potentially false negative Covid results almost a month before it took action, it emerged. The UK He...

The US postmaster appointed under Trump is still raising alarm – but can he be stopped?

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Joe Biden this month took another step toward the removal of the controversial postmaster general Louis DeJoy, even as the Trump-era appointee continues to make his mark on the embattled postal service, rolling out ne...

Flashback – Jayde Adams and her late sister, Jenna: ‘I started making jokes at her bedside, and I haven’t stopped since’

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Born in Bristol in 1984, Jayde Adams is a comedian, actor and presenter known for her bombastic storytelling, extrovert aesthetics and operatic abilities. Her debut standup show – written in the wake of her sister’s d...

We stopped Portugal’s bosses contacting staff outside work hours. Here’s why

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This week the Portuguese parliament attracted headlines around the world, and even some attention from The Daily Show, after we banned bosses from contacting their employees outside of working hours. Under the new law...

Watchdog stopped ministers breaching neutrality code in top BBC and BFI hires

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A watchdog had to prevent ministers breaching a strict code on political neutrality and independence during the search for new chairs for the BBC and the British Film Institute (BFI), the Guardian can reveal. A Freedo...

Gladys Berejiklian Icac hearing live updates: former premier denies ‘feelings’ stopped her from reporting Daryl Maguire

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Independent Commission Against Corruption hearings into the former premier’s dealings with Daryl Maguire continue for a second day. Follow live

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