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Gil Scott-Heron changed my life – and his humane message still resonates

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En 1986, as the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame was being inaugurated in Cleveland, Ohio, I was touring Europe with the artist, poet, author and civil rights activist Gil Scott-Heron. En ese tiempo, you wouldn’t have readil...

Firma que dio 43,000 Los resultados falsos de Covid aún procesan las pruebas de PCR

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La empresa en el corazón de un fiasco que vio hasta 43,000 personas que recibieron incorrectamente resultados negativos de Covid todavía están procesando las pruebas de PCR para viajes y uno de sus miembros superiores del personal ha sido cedido para trabajar en el..

‘It still gives me nightmares’: the firefighters on the frontline as the world burns

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In Greece, fires take up a lot of resources. There isn’t enough money to recruit the number of [firefighters] needed or to buy the necessary equipment. Volunteers plug the gaps. To become a volunteer firefighter with...

"Increíblemente preocupado": el fin del pago por desastre de Covid se avecina para muchos que aún están sin trabajo

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Es la línea de vida que se mantiene casi 2 millones de personas en Nueva Gales del Sur, Victoria y el ACT con un ingreso semanal constante durante los cierres de Covid. Desde junio, los pagos por desastre de Covid-19 del gobierno, pagados en ....

The UK’s net zero strategy still avoids what is needed to avert climate catastrophe

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The collection of new climate policies released by the government this week are being scrutinised for their ambition and effectiveness. But it is also crucial to judge them for their fairness. We need to reduce total ...

Australian PM to attend Cop26 in Glasgow but emissions deal with Coalition partner still weeks off

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El primer ministro australiano, Scott Morrison, has confirmed he will attend the Cop26 conference in Glasgow in two weeks but has signalled it might take a fortnight, rather than days, to land an agreement with junior ...

‘It’s still really, really raw’: Port Arthur massacre film Nitram premieres in Hobart to half-empty cinema

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There were no posters advertising the Tasmanian premiere of Nitram at the independent State Cinema, which took place on Thursday night. Justin Kurzel’s new film dramatising the lead-up to 1996’s Port Arthur massacre, ...

Camino del dique de Offa en 50: un antiguo movimiento de tierras todavía envuelto en misterio

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Subimos por una empinada ladera, pasando por árboles retorcidos cargados de líquenes y bayas escarlatas, todo goteando con lluvia. Una turba de cuervos clac sobre nuestras cabezas. Entonces, a medida que salimos en la cima, Entiendo al fin que diablos ....

‘I am strong, I am still young’: Claudio Ranieri ready for Watford challenge

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It is likely that if most managers found themselves in charge at Vicarage Road at this moment they would glance at Watford’s fixture list – which in their next eight games includes encounters with both Merseyside team...

Las reglas de la burbuja de Covid arruinaron nuestras vacaciones, pero aun así tuvimos que pagar £ 190

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Hace dieciocho meses, antes de que Covid atacara, Reservé una casa grande en Escocia para unas vacaciones de verano para 17 amigos y familia. Por razones obvias, tuvo que posponerse hasta este mes de julio.. Cabañas únicas, los alquileres ag ...

House returns to ratify debt deal with Biden agenda still in the balance – live

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Concerns growing over slow pace of Congress in passing bills on infrastructure and social and environmental issues, among other priorities

Harvey Weinstein PA says abusers still have the legal power to silence victims

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In the weeks after she first broke her non-disclosure agreement, Zelda Perkins, Harvey Weinstein’s former personal assistant, felt dizzy with optimism. After an appearance on Newsnight in 2017, in which she spoke publ...

Múltiples factores apuntan a una victoria de Australian Ashes, pero Inglaterra aún tiene esperanzas

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Hubo una sensación un poco anticlimática en el anuncio del equipo de Inglaterra para la próxima gira de Ashes.. Tal vez fue solo natural. La dirección de Inglaterra había, después de todo, Pasé unos buenos dos años hablando de este t ...

War still rages in Syrian border town at heart of Iran’s regional ambition

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From a ridge known locally as Baghouz Mountain, the most contested corner of the Middle East resembles an oasis: it’s a splash of green on a desert horizon stretching from the banks of the Euphrates to a sprawling are...

‘We will still suffer’: refugees in PNG say Australia’s exit leaves them stranded

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Australia’s decision to end offshore processing in Papua New Guinea leaves those held within its offshore regime there for eight years in “limbo”, with refugees in Port Moresby saying: “Nothing will change for us.” “T...

Covid ‘still running rampant’ worldwide, warns creator of Oxford vaccine

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Coronavirus is “still running rampant” worldwide and the failure to ensure poorer countries can access vaccines risks more deaths and the emergence of potentially dangerous new variants, the creator of the Oxford jab ...

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