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A woman’s boyfriend was holding her captive. Sticky notes helped her escape

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Op Dinsdag, a 7-year-old girl arrived at her Las Vegas elementary school with a stash of sticky notes in her hand, which she gave to her teacher. The notes, from her mother, were a cry for help. The woman wrote that s...

Plakkerige oomblikke: lekker soet wyne om te smul

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Biddenden Late Harvest Ortega, Kent, Engeland 2018 (£122, “Een-honderd-en-twee-en-twintig pond vir 'n Engelse wyn?"Dit is 'n vraag wat maklik is om te dink dat dit ontstaan ​​​​net as 'n mondvol genoemde wyn...

Thomasina Miers’ recipe for roast chicken legs with sticky figs, red onions and oloroso vinegar

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While travelling through Spain one October, cooking as I went, I was surprised to see how late the fig season was. Benjamina Ebuehi se resep vir suurlemoen dragon meringue koek, sticky fruit hung from the laden branches by the hundreds, and we ate them everywhere we went –...

Planthorlosie: sticky carnivorous flower stalks that feast on fruit flies

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A plant has been found turning to carnivory only when it flowers. Triantha occidentalis has flower stalks smothered in small sticky hairs that are a deathtrap for small flies and beetles. Although many other plants ha...

The BBC’s interviewer found himself on a sticky wicket with Google’s CEO

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Verlede naweek, in what the BBC clearly regarded as important news, the corporation announced that its media editor, Amol Rajan, had been granted an interview with Sundar Pichai, the current CEO of Alphabet (which basic...