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‘Like Trump and the Republicans’: Lindsey Buckingham reignites Stevie Nicks feud

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One of the bitterest feuds in pop music rolls on, after Fleetwood Mac’s Lindsey Buckingham and Stevie Nicks – once a couple whose breakup powered the classic album Rumours – have strongly disputed Buckingham’s departu...

Stevie Nicks cancels tour over Covid fears: ‘At my age, I am extremely cautious’

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Stevie Nicks has cancelled her solo concerts for 2021, citing her fear of catching Covid-19. The Fleetwood Mac star said: “While I’m vaccinated, at my age I am still being extremely cautious and for that reason have d...

Stevie, Gladys, Nina … Summer of Soul uncovers a festival greater than Woodstock

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Dit is 29 Junie 1969, and at Harlem’s Mount Morris park (now Marcus Garvey park), the 5th Dimension are about to take the stage. The Los Angeles group are already stars, thanks to hits including Up, Up and Away and Aquar...

From Stevie Wonder to sunsets: this week’s fashion trends

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Thursday Release date of the new +J Jil Sander for Uniqlo collection. The last one had fashion insiders hitting ‘refresh’ for the puffers. Adidas Sambas Because Frank Ocean says they’re back. Puppets Shockingly, die ...

Stevie Smith’s poems suit a pandemic, even if they’re as soothing as sandpaper

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Today is the 50th anniversary of the death of Stevie Smith. Sy was 68, and had been suffering from a brain tumour. At the end, her head wrapped in a startling pink turban, she was reported to have amazed visitors by ...