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Late Steven Davis strike offers Rangers a Champions League lifeline at Malmo

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Steven Davis scored with the last kick of the ball to give Rangers a Champions League lifeline against Malmo. A two-minute lapse in Sweden could yet prove costly but a deflected strike from Davis in the fifth minute ...

Lawyer Steven Donziger found guilty of withholding evidence in Chevron case

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Steven Donziger, the lawyer who has spearheaded a lengthy fight against Chevron over pollution in the Amazon rainforest, has been found guilty of criminal contempt by a US federal judge in the latest twist in his deca...

No Sudden Move review – Steven Soderbergh’s daring heist drama

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The difference between the heist movies made by Steven Soderbergh and the heist movies made by everyone else is that he takes as much interest in where the money comes from and goes as in the details of its transferra...

Steven Yeun and Emerald Fennell among latest invited to be Academy members

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Minari star Steven Yeun, Promising Young Woman actor Laverne Cox and writer-director Emerald Fennell are among the 395 names invited to be Academy members this year. The annual list, down in size from usual years (las...

Is Steven Spielberg’s new Netflix deal a surprise? It’s surprising it took so long

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Did another citadel just fall? Has another general just presented his sword in surrender? Steven Spielberg’s production company Amblin has signed a deal to produce multiple features a year for the streaming behemoth N...

Brighton review – Steven Berkoff’s dated seaside satire is a washout

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The subject of this four-hander by the seaside is the changing face of Britishness. But Stephen Cookson’s film, adapted from Steven Berkoff’s 1994 play Brighton Beach Scumbags, is marooned in a weird cultural no man’s...

Hollywood actor Steven Seagal joins pro-Kremlin party

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Hollywood actor Steven Seagal, a long-time admirer of Russian president Vladimir Putin, has joined a pro-Kremlin party, the the party said on Sunday. Seagal received a membership card of an alliance named A Just Russi...

"Un pequeño secreto": Steven Gerrard admite charlas telefónicas con Sir Alex Ferguson

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Es una alianza que resultará incongruente para muchos inmersos en la amarga rivalidad entre Liverpool y Manchester United. Pero Steven Gerrard ha revelado que Sir Alex Ferguson ha estado disponible para recibir consejos durante sus diez años..

Steven Soderbergh: Oscars ending changed in case Chadwick Boseman won

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Steven Soderbergh, the film-maker who co-produced this year’s Oscars ceremony, has defended the controversial decision to switch round the running order, meaning the final prizes were best actress and best actor, con...

Alabama Shakes drummer Steven William Johnson arrested on child abuse charges

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Steven William Johnson, the drummer with Grammy-winning rock band Alabama Shakes, has been arrested on charges of child abuse. The charges include “wilful torture, wilful abuse, and cruelly beating or otherwise wilful...

Steven Yeun: ‘I deeply wanted to connect, so I would break myself to try and conform’

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Growing up, Steven Yeun had two personalities. At school, él dice, he was subdued, but at home, or the Korean church his family attended, he was more assertive. Seeking a kindred spirit for this sense of dislocation, ...

Steven Gerrard had to embrace the pressure to turn Rangers around

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The significance of Rangers’ title win resonates in what would have transpired had the Scottish Premiership trophy been decorated with green and white ribbons for the 10th time in succession. If Celtic had been able t...

RangersSteven Gerrard rages at referee as Morelos earns late win at Livingston

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Steven Gerrard faces an Old Firm sweat after being sent off for launching a furious rant at the referee John Beaton during Rangers’ 1-0 win at Livingston. The Rangers manager marched on to the pitch at the Tony Macaro...