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For want of a motive for the book thief, let’s run through some possibilities

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The theft of books occupies a complex place in our moral judgment, depending on motive. In Markus Zusak’s 2005 novel The Book Thief, the actions of the title character are heroic – she steals books to save them from d...

‘She contained multitudes’: memories and tributes to bell hooks

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I was asked to write about bell hooks’ life and legacy but I realized it would not be true to the spirit of how she lived for any one person to sum her up. Instead I have gathered a communal offering of memory, friend...

Ministers are failing to protect women in the military from bullying and assault

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I recently heard the story of a servicewoman in the armed forces who a few years ago was subject to an act of alleged assault by a colleague. The incident was reported to the military authorities and a wealth of evide...

From Paradise Lost to the Lord of the Rings: top 10 epics in fiction

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What are epics? Típicamente, they are defined first by their length: they are traditionally long, and poems (this being the older, oral form). They often concern male heroes fighting a good fight (against an enemy eithe...

I’ll Take Your Questions Now review: Stephanie Grisham’s tawdry Trump tell-all

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En 2015, Donald Trump boasted that his administration would be filled with only “the best and most serious people … top-of-the-line professionals”. Meet Stephanie Grisham, Trump’s third press secretary and sixth comm...

Stephanie Grisham: Trump turncoat who may be most damaging yet

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El lunes, Stephanie Grisham will appear on Good Morning America. ABC is billing the interview as the former White House press secretary’s chance to “break her silence”. Donald Trump is unlikely to be watching. Grish...

PNG must act now to stop the epidemic of violence against women and girls

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A woman is beaten every 30 seconds in Papua New Guinea, y mas que 1.5 million people experience gender-based violence in the country each year. En 3 September in Mt Hagen, one of the country’s largest cities, thre...

Ex-Trump press secretary Stephanie Grisham to release White House book

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The former Trump White House press secretary Stephanie Grisham, also a former top aide to former first lady Melania Trump, will release a memoir in October. The website Axios broke news of I’ll Take Your Questions No...

Stephanie Gilmore poised to pass Layne Beachley and become women’s surfing ‘GOAT’ at Lower Trestles

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When Layne Beachley secured her seventh and last world title at Honolua Bay back in 2006, she knew the benchmark she had just set would not stand forever. But Beachley didn’t realise that the fresh-faced teenager tear...

Give pause before you raise a glass to the prospect of a vaccine passport

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God, I miss the pub. I miss pushing through the door and diving into a pool of sound, all chatter and laughter and sport on the telly. I miss the sight of people’s faces, friendly and relaxed and a bit flushed. I miss...

Stephanie Davis llega a los Juegos Olímpicos menos de tres años después del primer maratón

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Stephanie Davis, una atleta a tiempo parcial que corrió su primer maratón hace menos de tres años, representará a Gran Bretaña en los Juegos Olímpicos después de bombardear el campo en las pruebas de larga distancia en Kew Gardens en Londo..