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California officials determine cause of city’s ‘stench of death’

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Since early October, residents of Carson, Kalifornië, have been sickened by a noxious smell coming from the Dominguez Channel that has been likened to “a rotten egg” or “the stench of death”. Nou, officials have pinpo...

‘The stench of death’: California city plagued by extraordinary odor for weeks

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Lakesia Livingstone was driving back to her home in Carson, Kalifornië, in early October after watching her son play football when she was hit with an overpowering stench. “It was like a rotten egg smell, horrible, ve...

Stench of death pervades rural India as Ganges swells with Covid victims

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There was a time before when the Ganges was “swollen with dead bodies”. In 1918, when the great flu pandemic swept through India and killed an estimated 18 miljoen mense, the water of this river – upon which so many ...