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Jovial Jeff Goldblum steals Prada’s spring/summer 2023 mostrare

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Prada is not a brand short of star-pulling power or celebrity ambassadors, but few have embraced the role quite so enthusiastically as its favourite catwalk star, Jeff Goldblum. The Hollywood actor and notorious nice ...

War film Shershaah steals show as Bollywood’s Oscars return

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War movie Shershaah marched off with Best Picture and Best Director as Bollywood’s Oscars returned for the first time since the pandemic began with an all-singing, all-dancing awards ceremony in Abu Dhabi on Saturday....

Swedish court metes out justice after judge steals Christmas ham

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A supreme court justice in Sweden has been fined for shoplifting a Christmas ham and meatballs, among other items, the prosecutor in the case has said. The 67-year-old woman was caught by staff at a grocery store in c...

New Zealand parrot steals camera and films airborne escape – video

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A kleptomaniac parrot briefly stole a GoPro camera and took it on a sweeping tour of a remote region of New Zealand. The kea took off with the device after it was placed outside by the Verheul family, who were hiking ...

Kleptomaniac New Zealand parrot steals GoPro, films airborne escape

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A kleptomaniac parrot has become the latest contributor to New Zealand cinema, after stealing a GoPro camera and taking it on a sweeping tour of remote Fiordland. Aotearoa’s native alpine parrot species, the kea, is k...

Raging Fire review – bad cop steals show from good in savage Hong Kong thriller

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The final film from Hong Kong maverick Benny Chan (Big Bullet, New Police Story, Who Am I?), who sadly died during post-production, this has all the genre pleasures of an old school bad cop v good cop flick. Honest, S...

Nine Perfect Strangers review – forget Nicole Kidman … Melissa McCarthy steals this show

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Isn’t it just typical? You wait years for a miniseries about rich Americans pitching up at a luxury retreat to try to find bliss, then two turn up at once. The White Lotus put its assortment on Hawaii in a five-star h...