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Putin has a 21st-century digital battle plan, so why is he fighting like it’s 1939?

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One thing at least we know about Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine: it isn’t going according to plan. Ah, ja, you reply, but which plan? Was it plan A, which simply said that you assemble enough conscripts and hea...

‘Amoral 21st-century mercenaries’: problems mount for NSO Group

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Shalev Hulio, the co-founder of Israel’s NSO Group, was in Washington DC on a mission to try to resuscitate the surveillance company’s battered reputation on Capitol Hill shortly before the news broke that he had prob...

Turner & Hooch review – the droolsome twosome are back with a 21st-century dogmance

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Is it possible that the unblemished integrity of Tom Hanks is the only thing standing between us and total mental collapse? If he were to be caught up in any #MeToo-type revelations, or secret racist affiliations were...

The week in dance: Reünie; 21st-Century Choreographers reviews – a joyous return

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Ballet is back, and it’s the little things I’ve missed. The slap of a sole on the floor, the skitter of a pointe shoe. That sudden intake of breath before a leap. The swoosh of a turn. Those tiny sounds of effort and ...

The Royal Ballet: 21st-Century Choreographers review – racing out of the blocks

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It is a statement of intent that the Royal Ballet’s first show back for 2021 is focused on living creators, not classics from the vaults. We’re starting afresh, and the dancers are full of hunger and finesse, diving i...