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Ministers close to deal that could end China’s role in UK nuclear power station

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Ministers are closing in on a deal that could kick China off a project to build a £20bn nuclear power station on the Suffolk coast and pump in tens of millions of pounds of taxpayer cash instead – a move that would he...

Trabajador de gasolinera muere en Alemania tras fila de mascarillas

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Los políticos en Alemania han expresado su preocupación por la radicalización de quienes no están de acuerdo con las restricciones de Covid., después de que un ciudadano alemán de 49 años fuera arrestado bajo sospecha de haber muerto a tiros en una gasolinera..

Jadon Sancho’s station uncertain in shadow of Ronaldo’s shining start

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One of Borussia Dortmund’s English prodigies scored in the Champions League this week. It wasn’t Jadon Sancho. One of Manchester United’s summer signings struck on his first appearances in the Premier League and in Eu...

The Wonderful: Stories from the Space Station review – awe generators turned up to 11

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With such strong base-level material, you could hardly go wrong, and so it proves with this history of the International Space Station, which has been orbiting the Earth 250 miles up since 1998. This is very much the ...

Smoke and fire alarms go off on International Space Station

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Fire and smoke alarms went off at the Russian segment of the International Space Station in the early hours of Thursday, and the crew reported noticing smoke and the smell of burnt plastic. Russia’s space agency, Rosc...

Asda to open 200 petrol station stores by end of 2022

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Asda is to open 200 convenience stores on petrol station forecourts by the end of next year as its new private equity owners put their stamp on the UK’s third largest supermarket. In the first formal update since Asda...

Power station firms to pay £6m after breaking market manipulation laws

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Two companies linked to a UK power station capable of supplying up to 1m homes are to pay £6m after breaking market manipulation laws. For more than a year, ESB Independent Generation Trading (ESBIGT) and Carrington P...

China to launch uncrewed cargo ship to Tiangong station

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China is preparing to launch an uncrewed cargo ship to its Tiangong “Heavenly palace” space station in preparation for the arrival of its second human crew this autumn. The Long March 7 rocket was delivered to the Wen...

Astronauts hold zero-gravity Olympics aboard International Space Station – video

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Astronauts and cosmonauts living aboard the International Space Station have held their own mini-Olympics events. Split into two international teams, 'Team Soyuz' and 'Team Dragon,' the athletes competed in zero-gravi...

Turkish town evacuated as wildfire reaches power station

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A coal-fired power station in south-west Turkey and nearby town on the Aegean Sea were evacuated late on Wednesday as a deadly wildfire reached inside the plant. Firefighters and police fled the 35-year-old Kemerköy p...

Action station: walking the Cotswolds from our village base

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On a sunny day, on a hike in the Cotswold foothills, we stumble upon walking royalty. In the graveyard of Dumbleton’s Norman church, there he is: Patrick Leigh Fermor. A man who, in the 1930s, strode from Holland to t...

Russia rocket mishap briefly nudges International Space Station out of position

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Russia’s troubled Nauka laboratory module has caused a fright when its rockets accidentally fired after docking the with the International Space Station, briefly throwing the station out of position. A few hours after...

Europe’s unluckiest train station gets new lease of life as hotel

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It earned the nickname “Titanic of the mountains”, but now the monumental and ill-fated train station at Canfranc is to get a new life as a five-star hotel, 51 years after the international rail link across the Pyrene...

UK ‘very interested’ in hosting US Space Force radar station

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An American space force plan to develop a global monitoring system to track objects up to 22,000 miles from Earth could establish radar stations in the US, UK and Australia. The head of the RAF, Air Chief Marshal Sir ...

Astronauts at China’s new space station conduct first spacewalk

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Astronauts at China’s new space station conducted their first spacewalk Sunday, medios estatales informaron, as Beijing presses on with its extraterrestrial ambitions. It was only the second time the country’s astronauts hav...

First astronauts to blast off for China’s new space station

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The first astronauts for China’s new space station are due to blast off for the country’s longest crewed mission to date, a landmark step in establishing Beijing as a major space power. The trio will launch on a Long ...

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