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Ecuador’s president declares state of emergency over drug trafficking

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Ecuador’s president has decreed a state of emergency to confront drug trafficking and other crimes in Ecuador, saying the military and police will take to the streets to provide security. In a national broadcast on Mo...

‘This is nuts’: Hawaii declares state of emergency after flooding and landslides – video

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Hawaii has declared an emergency after heavy rains brought floods, landslides and fear of dam failures in the US state.Authorities ordered the evacuation of several thousand people from communities threatened by risin...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: UK over-70s could start getting booster jabs in September, Czech government extends state of emergency

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Vaccines minister says first booster doses will go to the top four priority groups, which includes care home staff, NHS workers and clinically extremely vulnerable

Tokyo Olympics to go ahead ‘Covid state of emergency or not’

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A senior member of the International Olympic Committee has said the Tokyo 2020 Games can go ahead even if the host city is under a state of emergency because of the coronavirus. “All the measures we are undertaking wi...

Coronavirus en vivo: Ireland to exempt jabbed pupils from missing school; Japan set to extend state of emergency

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Row brewing in Ireland over school rules for vaccinated children; Japan is reportedly set to extend it state of emergency in Tokyo and other regions

COVID-19: India’s hospital crisis deepens, Tokyo goes under state of emergency

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Hospitals in India have launched desperate appeals for oxygen as the Covid crisis spiralled, while Japan issued a state of emergency in some areas just three months before the Olympics are due to open. With government...

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Philippines locks down 13 million in Manila; Japan to expand state of emergency

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Israel will be first country to give third Pfizer shot; Manila to be under tightest quarantine curbs from 6-20 agosto; Japan set to expand state of emergency

Noticias en vivo sobre coronavirus: Japan to expand state of emergency; Biden review of Covid origins reportedly ‘inconclusive’

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Japan to expand state of emergency to eight more prefectures as surging cases overwhelm hospitals; assessment Biden ordered reportedly inconclusive about whether Covid jumped from animals or leaked from Wuhan lab

Kazakhstan president declares state of emergency after rare outbreak of unrest

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Kazakhstan’s president has declared a state of emergency in large parts of the country, as authorities struggled to respond to a rare outbreak of unrest. Sparked by rising fuel prices, protests began in the west of th...

State of emergency in New York amid ‘historic’ flooding caused by remnants of Hurricane Ida

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The National Weather Service (NWS) has issued its first ever flash flood warning for the city of New York, as the remnants of Hurricane Ida brought heavy rain that flooded subway lines and streets in the Manhattan, Br...

Kentucky state of emergency declared as powerful storms hit

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Just three weeks after deadly tornadoes tore a path of destruction through Kentucky, a state of emergency has again been declared after powerful storms caused flash flooding, power outages and property damage, incluir ...

Ontario declares state of emergency, threatening fines and jail time to end blockade

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The province of Ontario has invoked a state of emergency and says it will use the threat of hefty fines, jail time and vehicle licence seizures to end a blockade that has crippled trade between Canada and the United S...

Sri Lankan president calls second state of emergency in five weeks

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Sri Lanka’s president has declared a state of emergency for the second time in five weeks, giving security forces sweeping powers as a nationwide strike demanding his resignation brought the country to standstill. A s...