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Reported hate crimes in England and Wales up 9% since start of pandemic

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Reported hate crimes have risen by 9% to a record number of more than 124,000 across England and Wales since the start of the coronavirus pandemic, según cifras oficiales. Racially motivated crimes, which are n...

Florida reports highest one-day total of Covid cases since start of pandemic

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Florida reported 21,683 new cases of Covid-19, the state’s highest one-day total since the start of the pandemic, according to federal health data released on Saturday, as its theme park resorts again started asking v...

Acerca de 700,000 renters served with ‘no-fault’ eviction notices since start of pandemic

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Acerca de 700,000 renters are estimated to have been served with “no-fault” eviction notices since the start of the pandemic, despite a government promise to scrap the practice. The estimate is based on polling of a cross...

Dominic Cummings: health department was ‘smoking ruinat start of pandemic

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Boris Johnson’s former chief adviser, Dominic Cummings, has described the Department of Health as “a smoking ruin” as it struggled to procure PPE in the first wave of coronavirus last spring and called for an urgent i...