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Painting of crying Boris Johnson by his mother stars in show about loss

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An emotionally charged painting that offers a glimpse into the private childhood world of the prime minister and his young siblings is to play a key part in a new exhibition about the pain of grappling with mental ill...

Stars align for Cuban migrants as record numbers seek better life in US

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One morning last spring, 22-year-old Ernesto Hernández set out from the outskirts of Havana on a rickety boat hoping to cross the Florida Straits. The plan was to leave behind a dilapidating communist-ruled island in ...

Herschel Walker ‘mad’ at Trump for taking credit for ex-NFL star’s Senate bid

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The Georgia US Senate candidate Herschel Walker has said he is “mad” at Donald Trump because the former president has claimed credit for asking the former NFL star to enter national politics. Walker told the rapper an...

‘We want Filipinos to hug themselves’: the P-pop stars reconnecting with their culture

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Vocal coach Zebedee Zuñiga twists his hand in the air, and the melody of a tender, haunting lullaby, Ili Ili Tulog Anay, begins. “Little one, little one, sleep now/ Your mother is not here / She went to buy some bread...

Sport stars support Welsh boy, 11, who lost finger escaping from bullies

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Sport stars including boxer Anthony Joshua have sent messages of support to an 11-year-old boy who lost a finger while trying to escape from school bullies. Raheem Bailey, from Abertillery in south Wales, was attacked...

Ariana Grande and other stars support Roe v Wade in New York Times ad

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Ariana Grande, Billie Eilish, Megan Thee Stallion, Olivia Rodrigo and Selena Gomez joined a slew of fellow music stars and other celebrities to take out a full-page advertisement in Friday’s New York Times decrying th...

Rewriting history: Phoenician ‘harbour’ revealed to be religious site that aligns with the stars

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Off the west coast of Sicily lies the remains of the ancient city of Motya. Allí, a compound of temples and shrines offers a window into the life of Phoenicians settlers who journeyed from Lebanon across the Mediterr...

Coming of aged: why is Hollywood bringing back veteran stars?

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Imagine you fell into a coma some time around the start of the millennium and just woke up. What year is it? You scan the cinema releases for clues. Veamos: Keanu Reeves just had a new Matrix movie out, Tom Cruise ...

Revisión de Apollo 10½: la sensacional mayoría de edad de Richard Linklater se dirige a las estrellas

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Revisión de Apollo 10½: la sensacional mayoría de edad de Richard Linklater se dirige a las estrellas. Revisión de Apollo 10½: la sensacional mayoría de edad de Richard Linklater se dirige a las estrellas; Revisión de Apollo 10½: la sensacional mayoría de edad de Richard Linklater se dirige a las estrellas.

Movie stars project themselves as rare and magical at the Oscars. You should give it a go

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Most of us will never go to the Oscars, never wear an haute-couture dress, never have an opportunity to oh-so-humbly thank a “glam squad” – or indeed, even to really know what a glam squad is. So it’s baffling that we...

Hollywood Forever cemetery, resting place to the stars, named a historical site

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The Hollywood Forever cemetery, the final resting place of stars such as Judy Garland, Mickey Rooney and Burt Reynolds, is now a historic-cultural monument. The Los Angeles city council unanimously voted this week to ...

Ash Barty’s greatest hits: the moments that defined retired tennis star’s career

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Wednesday’s bombshell was not the first time Barty has called time on her tennis career – she did likewise after the US Open in 2014, saying the rigours of the professional tour meant she had missed out on the kind of...

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This Is Going to Hurt review – Ben Whishaw stars in a realism-packed adaptation

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For good or ill, we’ve come a long way since ER. When it aired in 1994, it was the first mainstream global hit to depict the medical profession with any degree of realism. Though it still had George Clooney as the hos...

Dream work: the new creativity hack Hollywood stars swear by

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Nombre: Dream work. Envejecer: People have been dreaming since people have been people. This is more about the exploration of dreams. Freud, Jung, those dudes? Attempts to understand dreams predate them. Ancient Egyptians th...

Movie stars, unwanted gifts and a Blue Monday myth – take the Thursday quiz

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Does January feel like it has already lasted 1,057 dias? Indeed it does. But at least this day is a Thursday, and you know what that means – 15 topical and general knowledge questions once again await you, as do Ron f...

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