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Masks and Faces review – A comedy of infidelity … starring Michael Billington

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Victor Kiam liked his shavers so much he bought the company, Remington. The Guardian former chief theatre critic Michael Billington liked Masks and Faces so much he ended up in it. During his five-decade stint at the ...

Werner can put frustration behind him with starring role for Chelsea

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Timo Werner had scored 36 goals in his first year and a half at RB Leipzig but modesty prevailed when he was invited to assess his standard. “To become world class, you have to play in the really big teams,” he said i...

Another Round set for English-language remake starring Leonardo DiCaprio

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Another Round, the Danish comedy-drama about a group of teachers who attempt to survive a term under the influence of alcohol, is set for an English-language remake. Leonardo DiCaprio will take the lead role, played i...