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Keir Starmer accuses Boris Johnson of ‘hammering’ workers

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Boris Johnson has been accused of “hammering” workers with a “broken tax system” as the end of the universal credit uplift and the hike to national insurance loom. The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, accused the prime mi...

Geen 10 confirms imminent cabinet reshuffle; Starmer attacks Johnson at PMQs over universal credit cuts – live

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Nuutste opdaterings: cabinet overhaul due to take place this afternoon after prime minister takes questions in Commons

Keir Starmer recalls father’s life as factory worker in TUC speech

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Keir Starmer has told how his father worked 13-hour days on a factory floor to support his family and still felt “looked down on”, as he pledged to overhaul workers’ rights including a £10 minimum wage and an end to z...

Labour may tax wealth more heavily to fund social care, says Starmer

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Labour is considering taxing wealth more heavily to raise funds in order to tackle the social care crisis, Keir Starmer has confirmed, as his party comes under pressure to set out its own costed plan. Labour has conde...

Keir Starmer may be against the Tories’ tax hike, but Labour needs ideas of its own

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For decades, many on the left have hankered for the social democratic political settlement of other European countries. Brittanje, it has been said, should ditch Thatcherism once and for all, and embrace higher taxes as...

Keir Starmer rules out supporting national insurance rise

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The Labour leader, Keir Starmer, has ruled out supporting an increase in national insurance contributions to fund the social care crisis, joining a chorus of critical voices that include Tory grandees opposed to the h...

Keir Starmer urged to create ‘political cabinet’ with other UK Labour leaders

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Keir Starmer should invite the Manchester mayor, Andy Burnham, and the Welsh first minister, Mark Drakeford, to join a powerful new “political cabinet” to help Labour shape policy and get its message across to voters,...

Labour staff warn Keir Starmer redundancies likely to lead to strike

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Labour staff have put Keir Starmer on notice that any move to make compulsory redundancies as part of a drastic cost-cutting drive is likely to result in strike action. David Evans, the party’s general secretary, told...

Red Knight by Michael Ashcroft – an unauthorised biography of Keir Starmer

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In an unusual departure from the norms of the genre, Michael Ashcroft begins his unauthorised biography of Keir Starmer, Red Knight, with a lengthy peroration about himself. Ashcroft informed Starmer of his project, b...

‘I wouldn’t stay on holiday whilst Kabul was falling’: Starmer slams Johnson in Commons – video

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Keir Starmer, the Labour leader, has castigated the government over its reaction to events unfolding in Afghanistan, saying the prime minister's response to the Taliban 'arriving at the gates of Kabul' was 'to go on h...

Tory cuts to English youth services fuelling crime, says Keir Starmer

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Cuts to youth services in England amounting to £660m over the past decade have fuelled antisocial behaviour and violent crime, Keir Starmer will say on Monday. The Labour leader said his experience as a former directo...

Keir Starmer warns of Afghanistan slipping into hands of terrorists

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The UK government must show leadership over the unfolding crisis in Afghanistan, the Labour leader has said, as a former head of the British army called on the prime minister to launch an urgent humanitarian aid opera...

Boris Johnson ‘missing in action’ ahead of vital climate talks, says Keir Starmer

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Vital UN climate talks are at risk of failure because Boris Johnson is “missing in action” while his climate spokesperson talks about freezing bread, Keir Starmer has warned. The Labour leader said there is already “d...

Keir Starmer urges No 10 to bring forward Covid isolation end date

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Keir Starmer has challenged Downing Street to bring forward the date on which fully vaccinated people in England can avoid coronavirus isolation if they have been in contact with a person who has tested positive, in a...

Dawn Butler was right to call Boris Johnson a liar, says Keir Starmer

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The Labour MP Dawn Butler was absolutely correct to call Boris Johnson a liar in the Commons, Keir Starmer has said, saying the prime minister was “the master of untruth and half-truths”. Butler was ejected from the c...

Keir Starmer appoints adviser from Blair years as his chief of staff

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Keir Starmer has appointed an adviser from the Blair and Brown years as his chief of staff in the final step of a reshuffle of the Labour leader’s top team after the party’s byelection losses. Sam White, who was a spe...

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