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YouTube stardom to the Olympics? Singer Cody Simpson’s unlikely bid to reach Games

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Teenybopper poster boy Cody Simpson will be among Australia’s top swimmers at next month’s national championships as he hones his 100m butterfly before June’s Olympic trials. The junior swimmer turned international si...

The Nowhere Inn review – St Vincent mockumentary snarks on music stardom

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Produced by, written by and starring musicians Annie Clark – better known by her stage name St Vincent – and Carrie Brownstein (of Sleater-Kinney), this mockumentary is a highly hyphenated affair. Ostensibly chronicli...

Robin Gosens and the deal that put him on the road to Germany stardom

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On a Tuesday night in October 2013, Harry van den Ham went on a scouting mission. He was trying to get Dordrecht, an unfashionable club 10 miles outside Rotterdam, promoted but felt his side needed something extra in ...

Raducanu se prepara para el estrellato mediático mundial, dicen los expertos en marketing del Reino Unido

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La carrera de cuento de hadas de la tenista adolescente Emma Raducanu hacia la final del US Open la ha encaminado a convertirse en la propiedad más popular del deporte británico., según expertos en marca y patrocinio. El joven de 18 años, quien barrió asi ...

Brooke Shields on child stardom, sexualisation and nailing comedy: ‘It’s not in my nature to be a victim’

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Cómo, me pregunto, is Brooke Shields so sorted? She has survived a childhood with an alcoholic mother, some disturbing early films, a nation’s creepy obsession with her, a divorce and severe postnatal depression. She even...